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Brothers Gibb: Music, Videos & Books

Andy, Barry, Robin e Maurice Gibb

Elencati qui troverete i piu' importanti prodotti ufficiali dei Bee Gees e/o dei fratelli Gibb. Somo omessi i singoli, i mix, gli EP ed altri prodotti simili, come pure sono omesse le migliaia di "cover versions" di canzoni dei Gibb eseguite da altri artisti. Naturalmente Ŕ possibile che ci sia qualcos'altro, oltre a tutto ci˛ che Ŕ citato qui, quindi se notate che manca qualcosa (pubblicato ufficialmente) da aggiungere, sono graditissime le vostre segnalazioni.
Non troverete in questa pagina i numerosi bootlegs, (albums, nastri e videocassette). Non sono prodotti ufficiali, sono anzi illegali, anche se spesso contengono inediti o raritÓ.
Here are the most important official releases of the brothers Gibb. Singles, mixes, EPs, other similar releases and the Gibb songs (hundreds) covered by other artists are not listed here. If you are aware of other (officially released) items, your suggestions are welcomed.
NOTE: In this page the various existing bootlegs (albums, tapes, videotapes etc) are not mentioned, not being official releases, even if they include rarities and songs and/or material never released.

Bee Gees: Albums

The Bee Gee's Sing And Play (1965) Spicks And Specks (1966) Bee Gees First (1967) Horizontal (1968) Idea (1968) Odessa (1969) Cucumber Castle (1970) 2 Years On (1970) Trafalgar (1971) To Whom It May Concern (1972) Life In A Tin Can (1973) Mr. Natural (1974) Main Course(1975) Children Of The World (1976) Here At Last...Bee Gees Live (1977) Spirits Having Flown (1979) Living Eyes (1981) E.S.P. (1987) One (1989) High Civilization (1991) Size Isn't Everything (1993) Still Waters (1997) One Night Only (1998) This Is Where I Came In (2001)

Bee Gees: Compilations & Greatest Hits Albums

Rare, Precious And Beautiful (1968) Rare, Precious And Beautiful, Vol. 2 (1969) Best Of Bee Gees (1969) Rare, Precious And Beautiful, Vol. 3 (1970) Best Of Bee Gees, Vol.2 (1971) Inception/Nostalgia (1971) Best Of Bee Gees, Vol 3 (1973) Bee Gees Gold, Vol.1 (1976) Birth Of Brilliance (1978) Take Hold Of That Star (1978) Bee Gees Greatest (1979) The Very Best Of The Bee Gees (1990) Tales From The Brothers Gibb (1990) You Wouldn't Know (1990) Bee Gees Story (1990) Three Twins (1994) Brilliant From Birth (1998) The Record: Their Greatest Hits (2001) Number Ones (2004) Love Songs (2005) Greatest (Special Remastered Edition) (2007)

Bee Gees: apparizioni, partecipazioni

Melody (Original Soundtrack) (1972) All This And War II (Original Soundtrack)(1976) Saturday Night Fever (Original Soundtrack) (1978) Music For Unicef (1979) Sgt. Pepper's Lonely... (Original Soundtrack) (1979) Stayin'Alive (Original Soundtrack) (1983) One Moment In Time (1988) Bunbury Tails (1992) Tapestry Revisited (1996) Things Go Better With Coke (1996)

Barry, Robin & Maurice Gibb: lavori da solisti

Robin's Reign (1970), Robin (ALBUM) Railroad (1970), Maurice (SINGLE) I'll Kiss Your Memory  (1970), Barry (SINGLE) How Old Are You (1983), Robin (ALBUM) Secret Agent (1984), Robin (ALBUM) Now Voyager (1984), Barry (ALBUM) Hold Her In Your Hand (1984), Maurice (SINGLE) Walls Have Eyes (1985), Robin (ALBUM) Hawks (1988), Barry (ALBUM) Magnet (2003), Robin (ALBUM) Robin Gibb Live (2005), Robin (ALBUM/DVD)

Barry, Robin & Maurice Gibb: Album scritti e/o prodotti per altri artisti

Sunrise (Jimmy Ruffin 1980) Guilty (Barbra Streisand 1980) Heartbreaker (Dionne Warwick 1982) Eyes that See in the Dark (Kenny Rogers 1983) Eaten Alive (Diana Ross 1985) Runaway (Carola 1986) Guilty Pleasures, Barbra Streisand (2005)

Barry, Robin & Maurice Gibb: apparizioni e /o partecipazioni (non inclusi in album prodotti da loro)

Sing A Rude Song (Maurice 1969) Sesame Street Fever -O.S.T.- (Robin 1978) Times Square -O.S.T.- (Robin 1980) One Voice, Barbra Streisand - (Barry 1987) Amigos, Paul Anka- (Barry 1996)

Andy Gibb: Albums

Flowing Rivers (1977) Shadow Dancing (1978) After Dark (1979) Andy Gibb(1991) Andy Gibb's Greatest Hits  (1980, 2001)

Artisti Vari: Album Tributi ai Bee Gees

Songbook (1993) Melody fair (1994) Soul of the Bee Gees (1996) We love the Bee Gees (1997) Gotta get a message to you (1998) Assault the Vaults (1998)

Canzoni dei Gibb ORIGINALMENTE registrate solo da altri artisti

Save me, save me (Network, 1977)
Emotion (Samantha Sang, 1977)
Ain't nothing gonna keep me from you (Teri De Sario, 1977)
Carried Away (Olivia Newton-John, 1981)
Secrets (Elaine Paige, 1981)
Heart (Stop beating in time) (Leo Sayer 1982)
Fight the good fight (Eric Clapton, 1988)
Indian Summer (L. Gatlin & R. Orbison, 1989)
Eyes (Kelli Wolfe, 1992)
Born to be loved by you (Kelli Wolfe, 1992)
Up the revolution (Elton John, 1992)
Seasons (No Hat Moon, 1992)
Let me wake up in your arms (Lulu, 1993)
I'm not wearing makeup (Beri Rhoades, 1994)
Immortality (Celine Dion, 1997)
First & Last (Simon Greiff, 1998, from the "Saturday Night Fever" musical)
I Will Be There (Tina Turner, 1999)
Angel Of Mercy (Carola, 2001)
I cannot give you my love (Cliff Richard, 2004)
How many sleeps (Cliff Richard, 2004)

Videocassette / DVD

Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (feat. the Bee Gees 1978) Now Voyager (Barry Gibb 1985) Prince's Trust Rock Gala Vol.3 1988, DVD (2000) Music Biography 1967-1978 (Bee Gees 1985) One For All Tour Live, Vol. 1 (Bee Gees 1990) One For All Tour Live, Vol. 2 (Bee Gees 1990) The Very Best Live(Bee Gees 1991) DVD The Bunbury Tails (feat. Bee Gees songs)(1992) Keppel Road (Bee Gees 1997) DVD One Night Only (Bee Gees 1998) DVD This Is Where I Came In (Bee Gees 2001) DVD Live By Request (Bee Gees 2002) DVD


Authorized Biography (B.,R. & M. Gibb, D. Leaf 1979, In Inglese) Bee Gees (Silvia Guglielmi 1980, IN ITALIANO) The Legend (David English 1980, In Inglese ) The Bee Gees (Kim Stevens 1980, In Inglese) The Bee Gees (Larry Pryce 1981, In Inglese) Tales of the Brothers Gibb (E.Cook, M. Bilyeu, A. M˘n Hughes 2000, In Inglese)

Ed anche:
"Bee Gees: Night fever y Sgt Pepper's", Jordi Sierra, Unilibro, 1978. (In Spagnolo)
"Bee Gees", Paul Sahner, Bastei, 1979 (In Tedesco)
"The Bee Gees", Craig Schumacher, Creative Education, 1979. (In Inglese)
"Bee Gees, Die superstars der 70er jahre", Michael Henkels, Taurus Presse, 1979. (In Tedesco)
"The Incredible Bee Gees ", Dick Tatham, 1980. (In Inglese)
"The Bee Gees: Karriere, flops und hits der BrŘder Gibb". Norbert Lippe, 1990. (In Tedesco)
"Bee Gees", Petra Zeitz, Originalausgabe -Vip, 1992. (In Tedesco)
"The Bee Gees. La importancia de ser un grupo pop", Carlos Zanˇn, Ediciones J˙car, 1998. (In Spagnolo)



Nuovo DVD con interviste inedite a Barry e Robin
Bee Gees -"In our own time" - DVD

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