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"Il successo non conta niente se non hai nessuno con cui condividerlo"

- Barry Gibb -

Di seguito tutti gli interventi pubblicati sul sito, in ordine cronologico.
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Bee Gees & Micheal Jackson (1984) Barry e Robin GIbb ricordano l'amico Micheal Jackson, scomparso a 50 anni il 25 giugno 2009.

Micheal Jackson era il padrino di uno dei figli di Barry, (Micheal), ed era nota la grande amicizia e stima dei fratelli Gibb nei confronti del "Re del Pop". Jackson prese parte al funerale di Maurice nel gennaio 2003, accompagnando di persona alla cerimonia funebre Barry e la sua famiglia.

Oltre ad avere scritto insieme per Diana Ross la canzone "Eaten alive", è noto che esistono altre collaborazioni tra i Gibb (in particolare Barry) e Micheal Jackson. Nel dicembre 2002 Barry e Micheal scrissero "All  in your name", canzone di protesta per la guerra in Iraq, ma in numerose altre occasioni nel corso degli anni 80 e 90 si è parlato di altre composizioni firmate dai Gibb e Jackson.

"Micheal era mio amico, siamo devastati, abbiamo perso un caro membro della nostra famiglia", ha scritto Barry nel suo sito.

"Questa tragedia ci dovrebbe insegnare a valutare ed apprezzare i regali che tutti abbiamo nel mondo", si legge nel messaggio pubblicato da Robin nel suo sito.

(Fonti: e

Diana Ross, Bee Gees, Micheal Jackson ed i suoi fratelli Barry and Robin Gibb on Micheal Jackson's death

"Michael was my friend, the only recording artist I truly knew and who truly knew me. He was the Godfather to my son Michael. We have lost a dear member of our family, we are devastated. Michael you will live forever in our hearts. Fly away butterfly take it to your journeys end. We will always love you". (Barry Gibb)

"We’ve not only lost a great friend in Michael but also lost a wonderful sensitive human being. The Bee Gees heard music with the same ears. Michael had a great voice and millions of people yet to be born will sing his songs. This tragedy should teach us a lesson to value and praise those gifts while we still have them in the world. If even a small portion of the praise that is bestowed on Michael Jackson now in death was given to him last year in life, he might well still be with us. That is the sad truth. One consolation is that he will triumph by his legacy."   (Robin Gibb)

(Source: and

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Robin & Barry in Douglas Un riconoscimento ai 50 anni di carriera ed a tutto quello che hanno fatto per l'Isola di Man. Ecco il motivo del conferimento a Barry, Robin e Maurice Gibb dell'onorificienza "Freemen of the Borough" , che in passato fu attribuita a personaggi del calibro di Winston Churchill.

I fratelli Gibb sono nati nell'isola e nel corso della loro carriera varie volte hanno svolto attivita benefica a favore di iniziative di beneficienza a favore di istituzioni dell'Isola di Man. Robin ha recentemente acquistato nell'sola una tenuta ed ha dichiarato che il titolo del suo prossimo album sarà "50 St Catherine's Drive", l'indirizzo della casa dove sono nati i tre Gibb a Douglas, capoluogo dell'isola.

(Fonte: Douglas Borough Conseil online e

Bee Gees receive honorary Freedom of the Borough

Douglas Borough Council has conferred the honorary Freedom of the Borough on Barry, Robin and the late Maurice Gibb – collectively one of the world’s most famous vocal groups, the Bee Gees.
The conferment ceremony was held in the Council Chamber of Douglas Town Hall on Friday July 10, attended by Barry and Robin Gibb, their mother Barbara and members of the Gibb family during a special meeting of the full Council.
Barry and Robin Gibb were met at the Town Hall by the Chief Executive Kathy Rice and Council Leader David Christian. While in reception the guests were treated to a song – Roll Away by Davy Knowles of Back Door Slam - performed by children from Ballacottier School who had assembled outside the Town Hall, which proved a poignant opening to the proceedings and clearly delighted the distinguished guests.
The Mayor of Douglas Councillor Michael Gelling welcomed Barry and Robin Gibb and their family to the Council Chamber, following which Council Leader David Christian delivered his proposer’s speech. He said the day would be remembered as a ‘milestone’ in the history of the Council, for the honorary Freedom of the Borough to be conferred on three brothers who not only had made such a major contribution to popular music over the past 50 years but also had never forgotten the land of their birth, the Isle of Man. 
He continued: ‘The Gibb brothers have always taken every opportunity to speak of their Manx roots and of their deep affection for the Island that was their home in early childhood.’
Speaking of the Gibb brothers’ ties with the Island Councillor Christian explained all three were born in Douglas and had lived with their late father Hugh and mother Barbara in and around the capital in their youth.  He explained how music had figured in their lives from an early age. Hugh Gibb had been a drummer and bandleader who, like his sons were to do many years later, played to packed houses in Douglas.
Later the family moved to Manchester then emigrated to Australia, ‘and the rest,’ said Councillor Christian, ‘is history’.
He said the Bee Gees’ musical accomplishments were legion. They held multiple Grammy and Ivor Novello awards and in 1997 were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.  In addition, Robin Gibb had accepted a lifetime achievement award on behalf of the Bee Gees at the 2008 Isle of Man Newspapers’ Awards for Excellence ceremony.
Councillor Christian said: ‘Barry, Robin and Maurice - with their international profile and legendary status in rock and roll history - could not have been better ambassadors for the Isle of Man. Their recording of Ellan Vannin helped raise thousands of pounds for Manx charities and even now, following the sad passing of Maurice, Barry and Robin continue - at every opportunity - to raise awareness of the Isle of Man to a truly global audience.’
Seconding Councillor Christian’s proposal, Councillor Mrs Raina Chatel said: ‘ That these three brothers created so much wonderful music has earned them a place in history. That these three brothers should have been such wonderful ambassadors for the Isle of Man has earned them a place in our hearts.’
As honorary Freemen of the Borough of Douglas the Bee Gees join an illustrious roll call, one that includes Sir Winston Churchill, Sir Norman Wisdom, His Honour Deemster Jack Corrin CBE, Geoff Duke OBE, three former Mayors of Douglas , George Chatel MBE, Inkerman Faragher and Fred Kennish, and also one of the world’s finest road racing cyclists, Manxman Mark Cavendish.
The framed vellum commemorating the conferment of the honorary Freedom of the Borough of Douglas presented by the Mayor was designed and created in calligraphy by local artist Colleen Corlett.
Accepting the vellum, Robin Gibb thanked Douglas Borough Council for conferring the honour, which he said: “was very humbling”, adding he was proud to be Manx. 
Barry Gibb expressed his thanks for the wonderful honour and spoke of his childhood memories, in particular, “the magnificent smell of the sea surrounding the Island, which is like nowhere else in the world.” 
Following the ceremony Barry and Robin Gibb and their immediate family met briefly with the Mayor and Members of the Council before leaving to continue filming footage in Douglas that will form part of their 50th anniversary documentary.

(Source: Douglas Borough Conseil online &

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Barry & Robin receive the IOM stamps and coins L'Ufficio Filatelico nazionale dell'Isola di Man dedica una serie speciale di francobolli ed il conio di una moneta al cinquantesimo anno di carriera dei Bee Gees.

Il set di francobolli, che contiene 8 francobolli raffiguranti foto e copertine di alcuni album dei Bee Gees, può essere acquistato online sul sito ufficiale dell' Ufficio Filatelico nazionale dell'Isola di Man:

Il set e la moneta sono stati pubblicati il 1 luglio, e sono stati donati ai Gibb nel corso della loro recente visita nell'Isola di Man, per il conferimento dell'onorificienza "Freemen of the Boroughs" di Douglas. Per l'occasione l'Ufficio, in data 10 luglio, ha realizzato una speciale raccolta dei francobolli con annullo filatelico personalizzato ("Bee Gees Freemen Special Cover").


"Bee Gees Freemen Special Cover"

We commemorate the glorious homecoming of the Brothers Gibb to the Isle of Man on the day when they were declared 'Freemen of the Borough of Douglas' - to coincide with their 50th anniversary in music - back on the Island where it all began.

Pictured above, in the Douglas Town Hall with Barry and Robin, are Mr Alex Downie (IOM Government minister responsible for Coins) and Mr Alan Crowe (IOM Government minister and Chairman of The Isle of Man Post Office)


Bee Gees Coin Bee Gees Freemen Cover
Bee Gees Folder the Bee Gees 8 stamps Set
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MythLa Reprise Records pubblicherà il prossimo 3 novembre due raccolte per festeggiare il cinquantesimo anno di carriera dei Bee Gees.

Si tratta di "Mythology", un boxset di 4 cd e del doppio cd "Ultimate Bee Gees".

I 4 CD di "Mythology" saranno dedicati a ciascuno dei 4 fratelli Gibb (Barry, Robin, Maurice ed, Andy sebbene quest'ultimo non sia mai stato un componente del gruppo. "E' il cinquantesimo anno dei Bee Gees. E per Bee Gees io intendo tutti e 4 i fratelli", spiega Barry Gibb, secondo il quale i quattro cd contengono le canzoni preferite da ognuno di loro. La playlist del cd dedicato a Maurice è stata scelta dalla vedova Yvonne e dai figli Adam e Samantha, mentre le canzoni che compongono il disco dedicato ad Andy sono state scelte dalla figlia Peta.

Il CD di Maurice contiene due inediti, “Angel Of Mercy” e “The Bridge”, mentre il CD di Andy contiene l'inedito “Arrow Through The Heart.” Le tre canzoni sono state ascoltate varie volte dai fan dei Gibb ed esistono varie versioni in numerosi bootleg, ma "Mythology" segnerà la loro prima pubblicazione ufficiale.

Il booklet che accompagna il cofanetto contiene foto di famiglia e tributi da parte di Elton John, Graham Nash (Crosby,Stills, Nash &Young), George Martin (il leggendario produttore dei Beatles), Brian Wilson (Beach Boys) e del loro primo manager Robert Stigwood.

La tracklist di "Mythology":

Disco 1 (Barry): Spirits (Having Flown), You Win Again, Jive Talkin', To Love Somebody, Tragedy, Too Much Heaven, First Of May, More Than A Woman, Love So Right, Night Fever, Words, Don't Forget To Remember, If I Can't Have You, Alone, Heartbreaker, How Deep Is Your Love, Love You Inside And Out, Stayin' Alive, Barker Of The UFO, Swan Song, Spicks & Specks
Disco 2 (Robin): I Am The World, New York Mining Disaster, I Can't See Nobody, Holiday, Massachusetts, Sir Geoffrey Saved The World, And The Sun Will Shine, The Singer Sang His Song, I've Gotta Get A Message To You,  I Started A Joke, Odessa, Saved By The Bell (solo), My World, Run To Me, Love Me, Juliet (solo), The Longest Night, Fallen Angel, Rings Around The Moon, Embrace, Islands In The Stream
Disco 3 (Maurice): Man In The Middle,  Closer Than Close, Dimensions, House Of Shame, Suddenly, Railroad (solo), Overnight, It's Just The Way, Lay It On Me, Trafalgar, Omega Man, Walking On Air, Country Woman, Angel Of Mercy, Above And Beyond, Hold Her In Your Hand (solo), You Know It's For You, Wildflower, On Time, The Bridge
Disco 4 (Andy): Shadow Dancing, I Just Want To Be Your Everything, (Love Is) Thicker Than Water, An Everlasting Love, Desire, (Our Love) Don't Throw It All Away, Flowing Rivers, Words And Music, I Can't Help It (with Olivia Newton-John), Time Is Time, Me (Without You), After Dark, Warm Ride, Too Many Looks In Your Eyes, Man On Fire, Arrow Through The Heart, Starlight, Dance To The Light Of The Morning, In The End


50 Logo"Ultimate Bee Gees: The 50th Anniversary Collection" è invece un doppio CD che contiene una selezione di successi di tutte le decadi della carriera dei Bee Gees, ed un medley dal vivo di alcune canzone scritte dai Gibb per altri artisti. La versione "deluxe" della raccolta conterrà un DVD con video inediti dei Bee Gees (speciali televisivi, interviste e video promozionali).

La traclist di "Ultimate Bee Gees: The 50th Anniversary Collection" (potrebbe subire delle modifiche, ancora non è definitiva):

Disco 1 – “A Night Out” : You Should Be Dancing, Stayin’ Alive, Jive Talkin’, Night Fever, Nights On Broadway, More Than A Woman, Tragedy,  Love You Inside & Out, You Win Again, Boogie Child, One, Secret Love, Alone, This Is Where I Came In, Spirits Having Flown, Fanny (Be Tender With My Love), Still Waters (Run Deep), If I Can’t Have You, Spicks & Specks,

Disco 2 – “A Night In” : How Deep Is Your Love, Emotion, Too Much Heaven, New York Mining Disaster 1941, To Love Somebody, Holiday, Massachusetts, Words, World, For Whom The Bell Tolls, First Of May, I Started A Joke, Love So Right, Lonely Days, How Can You Mend A Broken Heart, Run To Me, I’ve Gotta Get A Message To You, The Singer Sang His Song, Don’t Forget To Remember, Medley
(Islands In The Stream, Heartbreaker, Guilty, Immortality, Grease).

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Bee Gees' 50th Anniversary Inspires Two New Collections

The Bee Gees' 50th anniversary will be celebrated with a pair of retrospective packages on Nov. 3 from Reprise.
"Mythology" is a four-disc box set curated and produced by surviving Bee Gees Barry and Robin Gibb that will dedicate one disc each to the three brothers in the group, including the late Maurice Gibb, and one to their late younger brother Andy Gibb. Maurice's wife and three children chose the tracks for his disc, while Andy's daughter Peta chose the 19 songs for his section of the package.
Barry Gibb notes that the 81 selections represent "pretty much our personal favorites," and Robin and Maurice's discs will each feature solo tracks as well as Bee Gees songs. Barry's disc, meanwhile, is loaded up with hits such as "Jive Talkin'," "Stayin' Alive," "Night Fever," "Spirits (Having Flown)," "More Than a Woman" an "Tragedy." The accompanying booklet includes family photos and tributes from Elton John, Brian Wilson, Graham Nash, George Martin and Robert Stigwood, the Bee Gees' longtime manager and label boss.
Coming out the same day is "The Ultimate Bee Gees: The 50th Anniversary Collection," a more modest two-disc, 39-track set that closes with a live medley of songs the trio wrote for others -- including "Islands in the Stream," "Heartbreaker," "Guilty," "Immortality" and the theme song for "Grease." A deluxe edition of "The Ultimate Bee Gees" will come with a DVD featuring videos and TV appearances, many unreleased, from throughout the group's career. (Source:

Reprise Honors Barry, Maurice, Robin, And Andy Gibb With MYTHOLOGY, A Four-Disc Boxed Set That Features A Disc Dedicated To Each Brother.

MYTHOLOGY Features Two Previously Unreleased Maurice Gibb Tracks, And One Previously Unreleased Track By Andy Gibb .Simultaneous Release Of ULTIMATE BEE GEES: THE 50TH ANNIVERSARY COLLECTION, A Double-Disc Career Retrospective; Also Available As Deluxe Edition With DVD Of Previously Unreleased Footage.

Both Available From Reprise November 3

(Los Angeles, July 16, 2009) — As members of both The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Songwriters Hall of Fame, winners of both the Lifetime Achievement (2000) and Legend Awards (2003) from the Recording Academy, seven Grammy® Awards, BMI Icon Award, and a Lifetime Achievement Award at the 1997 Brit Awards, it’s hard to overstate the significance of what the Bee Gees accomplished in the 50 years since brothers Barry, Robin, and the late Maurice Gibb began calling themselves the Bee Gees. To celebrate the Bee Gees’ golden anniversary, Reprise honors the singing siblings with a pair of special releases: a four-disc boxed set and a career retrospective that includes a DVD of previously unreleased footage in the deluxe edition. MYTHOLOGY and a ULTIMATE BEE GEES: THE 50TH ANNIVERSARY COLLECTION will both be available worldwide on November 3, at all retail outlets, including, for a suggested list price of $54.98 (CD) and $39.99 (digital) for MYTHOLOGY, and $24.98 (deluxe with DVD), $19.98 (standard CD), and $19.99 (digital) for the THE 50TH ANNIVERSARY COLLECTION. Curated and produced by Barry and Robin Gibb, MYTHOLOGY contains four discs, each spotlighting a different Gibb brother, including one dedicated to Andy, who was not part of the group. The songs were chosen by Barry, Robin, Maurice’s widow Yvonne (and their children Adam & Samantha) and Andy’s daughter Peta. “These are pretty much our personal favorites,” Barry explains in the liner notes. “This is now the Bee Gees 50th Anniversary. And by the Bee Gees I mean all four brothers.” “I always see our songs as ‘just us brothers’ having a good time,” adds Robin Gibb. “When I look back now, it is more about the journey, not the arrival.” MYTHOLOGY also features a scrapbook of family photos, many never-before published, along with tributes from artists such as George Martin, Brian Wilson, Elton John, Graham Nash, and the band’s longtime manager Robert Stigwood. Spanning the Bee Gees’ five-decade career, the set’s 81 tracks touch on several of the group’s best-known hits. But mainly, the collection digs into the Bee Gees’ vast catalog to highlight deep tracks such as the early single “Spicks And Specks” (1966); the title track from the 1969 concept album Odessa; the single B-side “Country Woman” (1971); “Spirits Having Flown” (1979), the title track from the 35 million-selling album; “Overnight” (1987) from the multi-platinum ESP; “Closer Than Close” (1997) from Still Waters; and “Man In The Middle” (2001) from the Bee Gees 20th and final studio album before Maurice’s passing in 2003. MYTHOLOGY also features the debut of a pair of previously unreleased Maurice Gibb tracks: “Angel Of Mercy” and “The Bridge.” The final disc spotlights Andy Gibb, who was not a member of Bee Gees, but worked with his brothers throughout his career before his death in 1988 at the age of 30. Notably, Andy’s first 3 singles all went to #1 in the US, a feat that had never been previously accomplished. The compilation opens with “Shadow Dancing” (1978), a #1 smash cowritten by all four brothers that appeared on Andy’s second album. Nearly all of the songs from his 1977 debut Flowing Rivers are featured, including the back-to-back #1 singles: “I Just Want To Be Your Everything” and “(Love Is) Thicker Than Water.” The set contains “I Can’t Help It,” a duet with Olivia Newton-John that cracked the Top 20 and several tracks from his final studio album After Dark (1980), including the Top 10 single “Desire.” MYTHOLOGY also marks the debut of “Arrow Through The Heart,” a song Andy recorded shortly before his death that was intended for a comeback album.

ULTIMATE BEE GEES: THE 50TH ANNIVERSARY COLLECTION is the second release celebrating the Bee Gees’ 50-year anniversary. The two-disc set features the many hits and chart-topping singles, plus their performances of a selection of hit songs they wrote for others. The DVD, available in the deluxe edition, offers a treasury of unreleased videos, spanning the Bee Gees’ entire career with previously unreleased television appearances, live performances, and promo videos.

(Sources: , )

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Barry e Robin dal vivo a Manchester 24 luglio 2009: grande sorpresa al "Bee Gees Variety Club Silver Heart Awards", : un'esibizione a sorpresa di Barry e Robin Gibb, che hanno cantato dal vivo ALCUNE canzoni. Il live dei due Gibb non era previsto nel programma ufficiale della serata di beneficienza, nel corso del quale i Bee Gees sono stati premiati con il "Silver Heart", la più importante onorificienza del circuito benefico "Variety Club". Alla serata hanno preso parte anche la vedova di Maurice ed il figlio Adam, e la madre dei Gibb, Barbara. Nel corso della serata Ronan Keating ha cantato "Words" ed altri artisti hanno cantato altre canzoni dei Gibb. A detta dei presenti l'esibizione dei Gibb è stata ottima. "New York Mining Disaster", "Massachussets", "To love somebody", "Words" ,"You should be dancing" ed "How can you mend a broken heart"  le canzoni che componevano il set dell'esibizione a sorpresa dei Gibb, ammirata da circa 600 persone che hanno preso parte all'evento benefico. (Foto di Stuart Moser)

(Fonte: Facebook)

 VIDEO - Barry & Robin Gibb "How can you mend a broken heart"


Barry & Robin: surprise live appearance in Manchester

Barry and Robin Gibb sang five songs at the "Bee Gees Variety Club Silver Heart Awards", in a surprise live show. The songs were: "New York Mining Disaster", "Massachussets", "To love somebody", "Words" , "You should be dancing" and "How can you mend a broken heart" . (Picture by Stuart Moser)

(Source: Facebook)

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Per dare maggiore enfasi alle celebrazioni del cinquantesimo anniversario della carriera dei Bee Gees la Rhino Records ha annunciato che il cofanetto di 4 cd "Mithology" verrà pubblicato nel marzo 2010.

Ciò permetterà di mettere in opportuna evidenza la raccolta doppia "The ultimate Bee Gees", che invece sarà in vendita (come in precedenza annunciato) il prossimo 3 novembre.

"The utimate Bee Gees" sarà in vendita anche in una speciale "deluxe-editon" che conterrà anche un DVD di video inediti (video promozionali, apparizioni televisive e registrazioni da concerti).

La playlist di "Ultimate Bee Gees":

You Should Be Dancing, Stayin' Alive, Jive Talkin' , Night Fever , Nights On Broadway, More Than A Woman, Tragedy, Love You Inside & Out, You Win Again, Boogie Child , One , Secret Love, Alone, This Is Where I Came In, Spirits Having Flown, Fanny (Be Tender With My Love), Still Waters (Run Deep), If I Can't Have You, Spicks & Specks, How Deep Is Your Love, Emotion, Too Much Heaven, New York Mining Disaster 1941,
To Love Somebody, Holiday, Massachusetts, Words, World, For Whom The Bell Tolls, First Of May, I Started A Joke, Love So Right, Lonely Days
How Can You Mend A Broken Heart, Run To Me, I've Gotta Get A Message To You, The Singer Sang His Song, Don't Forget To Remember, Medley: Islands In The Stream/Heartbreaker/Guilty/Immortality (feat. Celine Dion)/Grease


Bee Gees Golden Anniversary Grows

Expanded Celebration Begins With THE ULTIMATE BEE GEES, A Double-Disc Career Retrospective.

Also Available As Deluxe Limited-Edition With DVD Of Previously Unreleased Footage

Available From Reprise November 3

(Los Angeles, August 20, 2009) — Reprise is pleased to announce that it will expand its celebration of the Bee Gees’ 50th anniversary into 2010. The quality of the two spectacular compilations, originally announced in July to be released on the same day, demands that each be given time alone in the spotlight.

Reprise will now kick off its celebration honoring Barry, Robin, and the late Maurice Gibb on November 3, with THE ULTIMATE BEE GEES. This double-disc career retrospective will be available worldwide at all retail outlets, including, for a suggested list price of $24.98 (deluxe limited-edition w/DVD), $19.98 (2-CD), and $19.99 (digital).

The tribute will continue four months later, in March 2010, with the release of MYTHOLOGY: THE 50TH ANNIVERSARY COLLECTION. Curated and produced by Barry and Robin Gibb, MYTHOLOGY contains four discs, each spotlighting a different Gibb brother, including one dedicated to Andy, who was not part of the group.

THE ULTIMATE BEE GEES features the group’s many hits and chart-topping singles, performances of a selection of hit songs they wrote for others, and liner notes by Tim Rice. The DVD, available exclusively in the deluxe edition, offers a treasury of unreleased videos, spanning the Bee Gees’ entire career with previously unreleased television appearances, live performances, and promo videos.

Tim Rice’s liner notes accompanying THE ULTIMATE BEE GEES puts the group’s extravagant popularity into perspective. “Within this package is a collection of performances and songs that very few practitioners of popular music of the past could match for quality, originality, and emotion. It’s the singing, the harmonies, the arrangements, the sound, the rivalry, the love, the intelligence, the determination, but above all it’s the songs.”

This year marks the golden anniversary of the Bee Gees’ musical beginnings. Since then, the trio has been inducted into both the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Songwriters Hall of Fame, won both the Lifetime Achievement (2000) and Legend Awards (2003) from the Recording Academy, seven Grammy® Awards, BMI Icon Award, and a Lifetime Achievement Award at the 1997 BRIT Awards.


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Nel sito di Robin Gibb (, nella sezione dedicata agli utenti registrati, è disponibile una breve clip di "Instant love", una delle canzoni inserite nel suo nuovo album solista, "50 St Catherine's Drive".

La pubblicazione del citato album (originariamente prevista per la fine del 2009), è stata posticipata a data ancora da definire, per permettere a Robin di concentrare le sue attività per promuovere "The Ultimate Bee Gees" e "Mythology".

"Instant Love" è scritta da Robin con il figlio Robin-John, ed una versione (con parti vocali aggiunte in cui canta Robin-John), sarà ascoltabile nel film "Bloodtype", nel quale è prevista la partecipazione di Robin-John Gibb.

(Fonte: )

"INSTANT LOVE": exclusive clip in the Robin Gibb website

An alternate version of "Instant Love", with added vocals by RJ Gibb can be heard in the movie "Bloodtype" in which RJ appears. This cut here, is the original recording from Robin Gibb's unreleased solo CD "50 St Catherine's Drive", and was produced by Peter-John Vettese. The release of Robin's solo CD has been delayed to allow him to concentrate on the promotion of the forthcoming Bee Gees reissues.

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robin_TSM Barry Gibb e Robin Gibb hanno annunciato la riunione dei Bee Gees in interviste separate.

Barry lo ha annunciato nel corso di un'intervista rilasciata alla radio neozelandese "Easymix" rilasciata lo scorso luglio a Manchester, ma trasmessa il primo di settembre in occasione del suo sessantatreesimo compleanno. Alla precisa domanda del giornalista Tim Roxborogh in merito alla natura della riunione con Robin, Barry ha espressamente detto "è una riunione sia familiare che professionale", ed ha confermato che i due fratelli scriveranno nuova musica insieme.

Robin Gibb, nel corso della trasmissione sportiva radiofonica della BBC "Test Match Special" (dedicata al cricket), ha confermato che i due fratelli si esibiranno di nuovo dal vivo come duo e che pochi giorni fa lui e Barry sono stati insieme a Miami. "Abbiamo attraversato una cascata di emozioni ed adesso possiamo andare oltre" . "Perdere qualcuno che ti è così vicino come Maurice è una cosa molto emozionale, anche perchè lui non era solo nostro fratello ma un vero e proprio compagno d'armi", ha detto Robin nel corso dell'intervista radiofonica. Nella foto: Robin Gibb durante l'intervista alla BBC registrata al famoso stadio del cricket "Lord's" di Londra.

(Fonti: Easymix, BBC, Digitalspy)

Barry and Robin confirm Bee Gees reunion

Barry and Robin have confirmed the upcoming Bee Gees reunion. "It's a familiar and professional reunion", stated Barry during the interview taped in Manchester on last july by the OZ radio "Easymix", aired on 1 september, (Barry's 63rd birthday"). "Robin and I will write together again", he also said.

Robin Gibb confirmed the reunion during a radio interview for the BBC "Test Match Special" cricket programme, at Lord's in London.

He said that six years after the death of his brother Maurice, the Bee Gees are going to re-form and play some live concerts again. "I've just been with my brother Barry in Miami and we have decided we are going to perform again". Robin admitted that it had been a tough few years but "we have just got through the breakwater of emotions and now we can go forward". He said Maurice, his twin, had been "not just a brother but a comrade in arms really". "It's an emotional thing when you lose someone that close."

(Sources: Easymix, BBC, Digitalspy)

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Radio 24, la radio del quotidiano IL SOLE 24 ORE, dedica alla storia dei Bee Gees le trasmissioni del programma "I MAGNIFICI" dal 6 al 9 ottobre 2009.
"I MAGNIFICI" è un programma dedicato alle "Biografie musicali appartenenti ai grandi miti viventi della musica,un viaggio nella vita degli artisti che hanno scritto, scrivono e scriveranno le pagine musicali che fanno sognare milioni di persone. Le biografie sono raccontate da una voce narrante che spesso cede il passo a documenti originali, brani tratti da film, interviste agli artisti stessi, letture delle loro autobiografie, o brani della loro musica".
Le trasmissioni vanno in onda ogni giorno dal martedì al venerdi alle 15 ed alle 23.
In passato "I MAGNIFICI" ha raccontato la storia dei Rolling Stones, di Paul Mc Cartney e dei Beatles, degli U2, Oasis, Elton John, David Bowie Genesis, Pink Floyd, etc
Ulteriori dettagli nel sito di RADIO 24:

Bee Gees Special on Italian network RADIO 24 

Radio 24, the radio of the Italian newspaper "SOLE 24 ORE" dedicated to the history of the Bee Gees, broadcasts the program "I MAGIFICI" 6 to 9 October 2009. "I MAGNIFICI" is a program dedicated to "belong to the musical biography of the great myths live music, a journey into the lives of artists who write, write music and write pages that make you dream millions. The biographies are narrated by a voice narrative often gives way to original documents, excerpts from movies, interviews with the artists themselves, read their autobiographies, or tracks of their music. It will be aired every day from Tuesday to Friday at 15 and at 23! In the past, "I MAGNIFICI" told the story of the Rolling Stones, Paul McCartney and the Beatles, U2, Oasis, Elton John, David Bowie, Genesis, Pink Floyd etc! Further details on the site of RADIO 24:
(In Italian, available in live streaming)


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Le due cover band italiane dei Bee Gees, Italian Bee Gees e Tree Gees, si esibiranno prossimamente in Europa, a testimonianza di una crescente popolarità ed un grande livello di apprezzamento che supera abbondantemente i confini italiani. 

I fratelli Egiziano con i fratelli Gibb

 Gli Italian Bee Gees (nella foto con Barry e Robin Gibb, da sinistra i fratelli Pasquale, Walter e Davide Egiziano), che hanno recentemente incontrato Barry e Robin Gibb a Manchester in occasione del Bee Gees Silver Heart Tribute (tra poco sarà disponibile su il report con foto), si esibiranno il prossimo 10 ottobre in Olanda ad Hardenberg, nell'ambito dell'evento Tentfest.

Per informazioni sull'evento ed acquisto biglietti: (in olandese).

Altre notizie ed informazioni sui fratelli Egiziano a:


I Tree Gees

 I Tree Gees (nella foto da sinistra: Paolo Amati, Alessandro Sammarini, Ezio Zaccagnini e Francesco Bancalari), dopo avere effettuato una fortunatissima serie di concerti in Germania nel 2007 e 2008 (tra le date: Monaco, Erfurt, Francoforte, Lipsia e Dresda), si esibiranno il prossimo mese di novembre (12, 13 e 14) a Montecarlo, al prestigioso Moods club.

Per ulteriori infomazioni sui Tree Gees:





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