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"Il successo non conta niente se non hai nessuno con cui condividerlo"

- Barry Gibb -

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Barry: un duetto con un famoso cantante country
(di Enzo , 05/09/2007 @ 22:16:44, in Dal web, linkato 1933 volte)
Secondo "Great American Country", sito specializzato in notizie sulla musica country, Barry Gibb avrebbe realizzato un duetto con T.G. Sheppard, artista country molto popolare negli U.S.A. e vicino di casa (a Nashville) di Barry.
Il duetto sarà inserito nel nuovo album di Sheppard, che secondo quanto lo stesso ha dichiarato nel corso di un'intervista radiofonica rilasciata a Lewá Jones (giornalista di GAC), è interamente costituito daácollaborazioni con artisti della scena country, del calibro di Willie Nelson, Lorrie Morgan e Merle Haggard. Il titolo provvisoro dell'album è "Partners In Rhyme".
Non ci sono ancora notizie circa la data di uscita del disco di che trattasi.
(Fonte: Great American Country)
Legends Q&A: This Month's Question August 2007 By Lew Jones
Q: I am looking for the artist that sings "Smooth Sailing." I thought that it may be Don Williams, but I am not sure. I would like to get a copy of that song.
(Crystal, Palestine, TX)

Q: I am trying to find all the information that I can on an old song titled "When Can We Do This Again," including who sang it. I would consider this song to be classic.
(Lloyd, Wichita Falls, TX)

A: The singer of both songs is T.G. Sheppard. "Smooth Sailin'" was a Top 10 hit for T.G. in 1980. Crystal, you can find it on T.G. Sheppard Super Hits, which came out in 2000. It also includes big hits such as "Party Time" and "Slow Burn". As for Lloyd's song, I can only find "When Can We Do This Again" on T.G.'s 1978 LP, Daylight. If you still have a record player, with a little luck, you can find it. In a recent radio interview, T.G. told me that he's back in the studio, working on a duets album with the working title Partners In Rhyme which will feature such other artists as Willie Nelson, Lorrie Morgan, Merle Haggard, and even Barry Gibb. No word yet on a label or release date. Also, congratulations are in order. T.G. and girlfriend Kelly Lang have announced a wedding date of August 20!

(Source: Great American Country)

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