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"Spero che saremo ricordati come tre persone che hanno reso tanta gente felice con la musica e dato loro piacevoli ricordi".
(Maurice Gibb)

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Nashville: diamo supporto ai Gibb
(di Enzo , 15/04/2007 @ 23:24:34, in Dal web, linkato 1487 volte)
La città di Nashville si stringe attorno alla famiglia Gibb.
Dopo l'incendio che ha devastato la casa acquistata da Barry Gibb con l'intenzione di abitarvi e scrivere musica country, la comunità di Nashville, oltre ad esprimere la propria solidarietà alla famiglia di Barry, incoraggia i Gibb a restare in Tennessee, ricostruendo la casa nella stessa posizione ovvero acquistando una nuova abitazione.
"I Gibb fanno ormai parte della nostra comunità, la nostra città è migliore con loro", è quanto afferma un editoriale del sito "".
From: "" :
"Let's support the Gibbs, encourage them to keep a house here"
While the media has reflected on the loss suffered by the family of Johnny and June Carter Cash this week after their former Hendersonville home burned, we also need to keep Barry and Linda Gibb and their five children in our thoughts.
While the fire destroyed the Cashes' past, it also wiped out some of the Gibbs' personal and creative dreams. This property was going to serve as the Miami-based family's second home. "I would like to come here and write songs," Barry told me in December. "I am planning on making a country album. That is really who I am."
After Johnny died in 2003, many feared the buyer of the Cash home would dismantle it or disrespect the physical or spiritual aspects of the home that held gatherings attended by Bob Dylan, Paul McCartney and Billy Graham. There was a sigh of relief when word broke that the new owner would be Barry, so respected here by songwriters.
"Do you realize how many hit songs have been written in that 4- or 5-acre area, including Roy Orbison next door?" he said. "The inspiration, being surrounded by the musical atmosphere that has been there for 35 years, we just had to do it."
He vowed to preserve it, honor the Cashes' memory and "bring it back to its original pristine condition." His respect of the property, and his love of the musical roots, went beyond what many dared to even hope.
The Gibbs are now members of our community — and two people who have made positive contributions here — and we need to support them in any way possible. My hope is that they won't give up on Middle Tennessee and instead will decide to either rebuild on that location or purchase another home here. Our city is better with them in it.
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