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"Spero che saremo ricordati come tre persone che hanno reso tanta gente felice con la musica e dato loro piacevoli ricordi".
(Maurice Gibb)

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Robin Gibb all'Energy Globe Awards
(di Enzo , 12/04/2007 @ 15:56:23, in Dal web, linkato 1503 volte)
Robin Gibb ha partecipato ieri alla cerimonia di gala per l'assegnazione dell'Energy Globe Awards, riconoscimento internazionale che premia progetti per l'energia alternativa.
L'edizione 2007 si è svolta a Bruxelles, nella sede del Parlamento Europea.
Robin ha consegnato uno dei premi (categoria Youth, patrocinio continente Oceania) ed ha cantato "How deep is your love"
Fonte: Energy Globe
For the first time a TV-Show takes place at and is broadcast from the European Parliament in Brussels. Reason for this “miracle”: the ENERGY GLOBE Award. 732 projects from 96 countries were submitted in the categories Earth, Fire, Water, Air and Youth. Under the Chairmanship of Maneka Ghandi, an Indian environmentalist and politician, the international Jury awarded the following projects:
Category Earth: John Maina from Kenya for implementing solar energy ovens for drying vegetables and fruits. Thus local farmers are able to increase their harvest by 50% without harming the environment.
Category Fire: The UNEP Risoe Center and the Risoe National Laboratory Denmark for launching a four-year plan for establishing over 16000 solar homes in India together with Danish support and local Indian funding.
Category Water: Jerry M. Brownstein for developing a very effective waste water treatment, using a special water filter, made of recycled plastics for gaining drinking water from waste water.
Category Air: Reindert Augustijn for inventing small Biogas plants helping to reduce annual CO2 emissions up to 54000 tons and role models for another 150000 plants.
Category Youth: University of Art/Linz for inventing a new solar passive house in South Africa, which is able to provide an indoor temperature level of 20 degrees independently from outdoor temperature using a natural air condition system.
National Award: Goes to the host country Belgium for sensitively changing a historical old private house into an energy saving building.
ENERGY GLOBE Founder Wolfgang Neumann: The awarded projects are excellent role models to the whole world! If we don’t blame others and start taking action, all goals to protect the environment are within reach!
The environmentalist is supported by celebrities from all over the world: Hollywood-star Martin Sheen, film director Emilio Estevez, author and Waris Dirie, pop singer Robin Gibb, star violinist Nigel Kennedy, the Indian environmentalist Maneka Ganddi and the President of the European Parliament Mr. Hans-Gert Poettering.
The awards’ presentation show is broadcast by the German tv network 3Sat (on TV: Sunday, 15 April, 11.30 a.m. – 1.00 p.m., moderation: Mrs. Desiré Nosbusch. The gala will be broadcast by international tv stations throughout the world and can be seen by a record number of 3,4 billion tv viewers around the world.
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