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"Il successo non conta niente se non hai nessuno con cui condividerlo"

- Barry Gibb -

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Barry Gibb al "Roy Orbison day"
(di Enzo , 02/05/2006 @ 20:09:51, in Dal web, linkato 1647 volte)

Barry Gibb ha preso parte a Nashville al "Roy Orbison day", una cerimonia organizzata dalla città capitale della musica country.
La cerimonia ha visto la partecipazione di numerosi fans, del sindaco di Nashville e di due oratori d'eccezione: Barry Gibb e Ronnie Dunn (del famoso duo country "Brooks and Dunn".
Barry, da sempre grande fan di Orbison (come del resto Maurice & Robin), durante il suo intervento, ha dichiarato: "Non credo che io ed i miei fratelli avremmo mai fatto musica se non avessimo ascoltato la musica di Roy. Barry ha ricordato che ascoltò la prima canzone di Orbison ("Crying") quando era giovanissimo, in Australia, a Brisbane. "Devo avere questa canzone", pensò subito. "Da quel giorno ogni disco di Roy ha commosso il mio cuore e io so che ha commosso milioni di cuori in tutto il mondo.



NASHVILLE, TN -- Nashville Mayor Bill Purcell today recognized the life and legacy of singer/songwriter Roy Orbison by presenting a proclamation to his widow Barbara Orbison in front of RCA Studio B, where Roy recorded most of his biggest hits. The proclamation says that Roy Orbison "has made a significant cultural impact to the city of Nashville, the state of Tennessee and the entire world through his artistry as a singer and a songwriter". Over 200 fans and Nashville music industry luminaries attended the mid-day ceremony, including speakers Barry Gibb and Ronnie Dunn.

"Roy Orbison is a Music City legend, and today we celebrate his legacy," said Mayor Purcell. "This frankly is the perfect place to honor a legend who is an inspiration to so many others, and not just here in Music City but around the world."

"I think he would be thrilled," said Barbara. "At my company Still Working Music I don't think there's a day that goes by that somebody doesn't say something about Roy, or at a recording studio when somebody quotes something that Roy has done. And that is the best gift I think that you can give somebody, a timeless gift of remembering what they did really, really well."

Ronnie Dunn, of the smash country duo Brooks & Dunn, called Orbison "a very stylized artist, a superstar."

And Barry Gibb, of the world famous Bee Gees, said, "I don't think my brothers and I would have really made records if it hadn't been for listening to Roy Orbison." He recognized how far Orbison's music traveled, relating that he first heard "Crying" in Brisbane, Australia. "Every record that this man recorded since that day has touched my heart and I know touched millions of hearts all over the world."



Nashville Mayor, Music Legends, Recognize Roy Orbison's "Passion, Commitment and Achievements."

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