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Robin Gibb ospita Tony Blair : è bufera...
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Il Primo Ministro britannico Tony Blair e la sua famiglia sono ospiti nella villa di Robin Gibb a Miami, dove passeranno un periodo di vacanze per la fine dell'anno. Robin e Dwina Gibb li raggiungeranno il 31 dicembre. Doveva essere una vacanza privata, e quindi la notizia non era destinata ai media. La stampa inglese, invece, venuta a sapere del viaggio a Miami a causa di un incidente tecnico all'atterraggio dell'aereo sul quale viaggiavano i Blair,  si è subito scatenata, speculando sul fatto che a quanto pare è abitudine di Blair essere ospitati gratuitamente nelle dimore di personaggi ricchi e famosi. Un portavoce del Primo Ministro si è affrettato a dichiarare che i Blair hanno regolarmente pagato, in base ad un accordo privato. Ma la moglie di Robin lo ha smentito, dichiarando: "Non stanno pagando, siamo amici, è una cosa fra amici. Loro hanno il loro staff e se lo portano appresso, è una cosa che abbiamo organizzato insieme...
(Fonte: - Reuters )


LONDON (Reuters) - Tony Blair's office defended his holiday at the U.S. mansion of pop star Robin Gibb, saying on Thursday the prime minister had paid for the stay.
The Conservatives and newspapers savaged Blair over his year-end break at the Bee Gees star's luxurious Florida home, demanding to know whether it was costing taxpayers money or if Blair was enjoying a free holiday.
The Daily Mail printed a front-page story about the visit under the headline "Shameless" and asked in an editorial: "Is any degradation too deep for Tony Blair in his quest for a glitzy family holiday on the cheap?" Blair's Downing Street office declined to give any details about the prime minister's holiday but a spokeswoman said: "There is a private commercial arrangement in place".
The Daily Mail quoted Gibb's wife Dwina as saying that the couple had neither asked for nor accepted money from Blair, who it said was relaxing at the 5.2 million pound seafront mansion with wife Cherie and three of their children. A similar house would cost up to 40,000 pounds a week to rent, reports said.
Newspapers said the visit raised concerns of a possible conflict of interest as Gibb has lobbied ministers to extend copyright laws to allow performers to profit from their hits for longer.
The controversy over his holiday comes as Blair is embroiled in a party funding scandal. Police questioned Blair this month in an investigation into allegations that state honours were handed out in return for loans to his party.
Blair has been in office for more than nine years but he has said he will step down next year as his popularity slumped over his support for the Iraq war and government scandals.
It is not the first time Blair has drawn fire over his holidays with the rich and famous. He has stayed several times at singer Cliff Richard's Barbados mansion and has visited the Sardinian villa of former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi.
Blair has in the past made donations to charity to cover the cost of hospitality he has received.
Conservative MP Chris Grayling told The Daily Telegraph that Blair's holiday raised questions about how Blair conducted himself. "We need very clear details on who is paying for this holiday or whether it is a 'freebie'," he said.
Blair's Florida visit only came to light because of a safety scare at Miami airport. The Boeing 747 carrying Blair and his family missed a runway exit on arrival from London on Tuesday, prompting emergency vehicles to rush to the scene.
The Sun newspaper ran the story on its front page under the headline "Stayin' Alive", echoing the title of the 1970s hit from the Bee Gees.

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