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Tributes in Italy: Tree Gees

In Italy there are many bands and singers that usually cover the Bee Gees during their live performances. But the Tree Gees (you can "see" them in the wonderful poster created for them by Milvia Vincenzini) are very different. They are a Bee Gees tribute band, so their performance are based only upon the music of the Brothers Gibb. The group is made up of professional musicians, well considered session-men, known in Italy for their collaborations with very popular Italian artists, like Gianni Morandi and Syria. The band was founded in november 1997. The original Members were Alessandro Sammarini (lead vocals, guitars), Andrea Pesce (piano, keyborads, vocals), Ezio Zaccagnini (drums, vocals), Massimo Gangalanti (bass), Toni Pujia (guitars, vocals).
The actual band line-up is the following: Alessandro Sammarini (lead vocals, guitars), Ezio Zaccagnini (drums, vocals), Paolo Amati (bass and vocals), Francesco Bancalari (piano and keyborads).
Alessandro Sammarini also issued a single as a solo artist, " Quello che non sono ". The Tree Gees play live almost all of Italy and took part in several tv shows. "A true musician recognizes the richness and the geniality of the Brothers Gibb's music", told me Alessandro Sammarini when we met in Palermo. During that very pleasing talk, Alessandro told me about the Tree Gees activities and about the complicated world of the Italian records industry. Ale gave the Tree Gees' full availability to play live in a upcoming Italian Bee Gees fans convention. The usual Tree Gees concert playlist include "I've gotta get a message to you", "Living together", "Too much Heaven", "Search, find", "To love Somebody", "Love you inside out", "Tragedy", "Jive talkin'", "Grease", "Stayin'alive", "How deep is your love", "More than a woman", "You should be dancing", "Night fever","If I can't have you". Uplugged moments with "Run to me", "My world","I started a joke", "How can you mend a broken heart" and in some shows, cameo female guest apperances performing "Woman in love". In next concerts will be added "Boogie Child" e "You Stepped into my life"
The band has kindly permitted to include in "Bee Gees Italy" some audio samples of their Bee Gees covers. For more info see treegees.com


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