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The Bee Gees & Sicily have something in common

The Bee Gees were born in the Isle of Man, in the UK. I was born, live and work in the wonderful and historical Italian Isle of Sicily. Some time, long ago, when I knew more about the birthplace of the Bee Gees, I immediately discovered that the Bee Gees and my loved Sicily have something in common. What? Take a look at these symbols...

The Trinacria symbol
Trinacria, the ancient Sicily
The Isle Of Man Symbol
Isle of Man
Sicily symbol, today
Sicily, today

As you can see very clearly, the symbol of the Isle of Man and the two symbols of Sicily (first named Trinacria) look very similar...
On September 5, 1998, while I was attending the unforgettable Bee Gees concert in Wembley, London, the IOM flag was shown and I was particularly happy because I felt like something of "mine" was spotlighted in that awesome show.
The origins of Trinacria are very ancient (7th century b.c.), but honestly I can't explain the reasons of this undeniable similarity, but obviously I'm very happy with it...
To know more about the Trinacria symbol and about ancient Sicily,please visit this beautiful page.
Just a few days after the official opening of Bee Gees Italy, Isle of Man's famous DJ Bernie Quayle, the very known author of the very successful and interesting audio-documentary "The Bee Gees come home to Ellan Vallin", sent to me the following message, also concerning the "IOM@BeeGees@Sicily" connection:

Sunday 13 December 1998
"Greetings from the Isle of Man, birthplace of the Bee Gees.
I am Bernie Quayle, a radio presenter on the island's local radio station "Manx Radio". I must first congratulate you on being appointed the BGI representative for Italy. Secondly, congratulations on your fantastic Bee Gees web site. I have one big thing in common with the brothers, we were all born in the same room of the same hospital in the Isle of Man. I spent a week at the Miami homes of brothers in December 1997 and produced a two hour radio documentary of their lives which we broadcast last Christmas.
I was delighted to note your lovely island also uses the three legs symbol as part of the flag. The Bee Gees are very proud of that symbol.
It is my belief that our 3 Legs symbol is much older and far more significant than historians recognise. I found the same or similar symbols used in many ancient cultures. For example, the Hopi Indians on the west coast of America have a very similar symbol. Thousands of years ago, monks in India used a similar symbol in their teachings and in all cases the symbol was used to denote the trinity which Christianity names as the Father, Son & Holy Spirit.But I came to see it as the 'speck of dust' referred to by Moses - the Atom with its three main particles. We are all made up of atoms - the building blocks of life in the physical plane and we are all atoms in the body of God.For me, the theory that life evolved from the sea does not conflict with the early chapters of Genesis. Take a look at the ancient sea gods, Mannanin, Neptune, Poseidon, they are all shown holding the 3 pronged spear - the principle of three-in-one.The Isle of Man is named after the celtic sea god Mannanin and the Bee Gees - to me- are a perfect example of the 3 in 1 principle in their harmonies, it must have been the influenece of Mannanin...
Regards, Bernie"

Barry Gibb holding the symbol of Sicily (with Enzo Lo Piccolo), Dublin 2013
Barry Gibb with the symbol of Sicily (with Enzo Lo Piccolo), O2 Dublin - 2013
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