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Barry Gibb ospite in un singolo dance in USA
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U turn me on - Jamie Jo feat. Barry GibbBarry Gibb partecipa come vocalist nel singolo di debutto di Jamie Jo, giovane esponente della dance music elettronica di Miami. Il singolo, che si intitola "U turn me on" , verrà pubblicato digitalmente il prossimo 23 settembre, e verrà distribuito sui principali siti di fruizione di contenuti musicali (i-tunes, Amazon, etc).
Non si conoscono molti particolari su questa pubblicazione, che a quanto pare era prevista per lo scorso mese di maggio e per quakche motivo è stata posticipata. 
Le uniche notizie si deducono da un'intervista rilasciata dalla stessa Jamie Jo (vedi più in basso, in inglese), secondo la quale Barry (amico di famiglia dei genitori della giovane cantante), ha ascoltato la canzone e gli è piaciuta fino al punto di volere fornire la sua collaborazione.
La canzone è inserita nell'album "In violet", (di prossima pubblicazione digitale),  nel quale sono contenute 13 canzoni prodotte da nomi illustri della scena dance come Damon Elliot (Destiny's Child) Bob Robinson, (Jennifer Lopez e Boyz II Men) e Dillon O' Brian, (Shakira). I generi  variano dall'elettro-dance al pop.
Jamie Jo dichiara nell'intervista di essere influenzata, tra gli altri, da Jennifer Lopez e Kilie Minougue.
(Fonti: www.jamiejo.com e dancemusic.about.com)

Barry Gibb guest in a US dance single
Miami native Jamie Jo is about to set the dance clubs on fire. Her debut single, “U Turn Me On” featuring the Bee Gees’ Barry Gibb will be released digitally on all major digital service providers on September 23rd.
The digital release will feature remixes by famed DJ, Eddie Baez and remixer Maurice Joshua.

The upbeat “U Turn Me On” is simply about dancing with an amazing partner, “There’s something special about electro, the sound,” Jamie Jo shares. “I think that it really touches your senses. And I want to portray and bring people a sultry, sexy feeling through my music.”

Jamie Jo’s upcoming full-length album, "In Violet" (Odin Media), entails catchy modern electro in the vein of Kylie Minogue and Goldfrapp, with a blistering edge. It’s an album and sound inspired by globetrotting nights spent in the world’s most trendsetting music clubs. “I like to tell stories, but small stories,” she says. “Each song is about moments. So I usually look at things moment to moment.”

"In Violet" features 13 songs and while electro is the dominant genre, it’s a sonically diverse assortment. “One thing I love about In Violet is its songs don’t all sound the same,” Jamie Jo explains. “You stay really interested all the way through. Some are electro-pop and dance-oriented, one has an island-y flavor. A really beautiful combination and a lot of wonderful imagery.”
Combining electro riffs and pop grooves, Miami native Jamie Jo is getting a buzz with her debut single "You Turn Me On." Check out her website, jamiejo.com, and you will see the song title is an apt description for this club kid turned pop star.

DJ Ron Slomowicz: Is this your first time in Miami at the Winter Music Conference?
Jamie Jo: No, I am a native, I was born and raised here.
RS: The album is very much on the electro side. What about electro inspires you?
Jamie Jo: I just think it's very titillating. It has some amazing sound, it makes you want to get up, it makes you want to dance and have a good time.
RS: In electro it's always the producers who are the focus, and not the artists. How are you as an artist going to keep the focus on you?
Jamie Jo: Well, I think just through my music. It's so steamy, it's so hot, that you're going to want to focus on the artist as you want to focus on the singing. My music is there to be enjoyed.
RS: Your first single "You Turn Me On" features Barry Gibb from the Bee Gees. How did you hook up with him?
Jamie Jo: He's a family friend and he heard the song You Turn Me On. He was so excited about it that he wanted to sing on it.
RS: Who did you work with, producer-wise, for the album?
Jamie Jo: Producer-wise I worked with Carmen Rizzo; Damon Elliot, who produced Destiny's Child; Bob Robinson, who worked with Jennifer Lopez and Boyz II Men; and Dillon O' Brian, who worked with Shakira. I had a slew of amazing producers.
RS: How do you work with producers? Do they give you a track? Do you sit in the studio together and write songs with them?
Jamie Jo: Well, sometimes there's a track, and sometimes we sit together in the studio and we write.
RS: What's your inspiration?
Jamie Jo: My inspiration is going to the nightclubs, and writing my experience on the dance floor, that is part of my inspiration. The evening sky, the beach, just a romance, passion – that whole thing is the inspiration, and a lot of it has to do with being here in Miami. 
“U Turn Me On” Featuring Barry Gibb – available September 23.
(Sources: www.jamiejo.com and  dancemusic.about.com))