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Ufficiale: Il catalogo dei Bee Gees alla Rhino
(di Enzo , 15/02/2006 @ 09:21:50, in Dal web, linkato 1836 volte)

Annuncio ufficiale: l'intero catalogo dei Bee Gees, dal primo all'ultimo album, comprendendo master, inediti, demo etc, sarà gestito dalla Rhino Records, etichetta sussidiaria della Warner Bros.[//]
La Rhino è altamente specializzata in riedizioni di dischi già pubblicati, aggiungendo nella "confezione" inediti, nuove foto, booklet con descrizioni aggiuntivi etc.
I tempi della ripubblicazione dei dischi dovrebbero essere abbastanza brevi, iniziando dalla seconda metà del 2006.

Ecco l'articolo (da Billboard.com):

"Bee Gees Catalog Shifts To Rhino"
February 14, 2006, 11:30 AM ET
Chris Walsh, N.Y.

Expect new packages of vintage Bee Gees material to emerge in the near future, as Rhino Entertainment has entered an exclusive, worldwide catalog agreement with the group.

The pact includes master recordings and unreleased material from the trio's entire history, from the Gibb brothers' 1965 debut to their most recent studio album, "This Is Where I Came In," released in 2001 via Uptown/Universal. The agreement also includes the 1977 "Saturday Night Fever" soundtrack, which is certified by the Recording Industry Association of America for U.S. shipments of 25 million copies.

"The Bee Gees created a body of work that represents some of the most popular music ever recorded and their songs are literally the soundtrack of an entire generation," said Warner Music Group Chairman and CEO of U.S. Recorded Music, Lyor Cohen in announcing the agreement.

The Bee Gees -- Barry, Robin and Maurice, who died in January 2003 -- have a career that includes seven platinum albums, more than 60 singles charted, eight Grammy Awards, 16 Grammy nominations and membership in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and the Song Writers Hall of Fame.

"This Is Where I Came In" debuted at No. 16 on The Billboard 200 upon its release. In 2004, the same year the group was among the inaugural inductees into the Dance Music Hall of Fame, Universal's "Bee Gees Number Ones" rounded up the group's chart-toppers and reached No. 23 on the chart.