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Suoni dei Bee Gees dall'Italia
(Bee Gees sounds from Italy)

Brevi audio clips (streaming) di cover version di grandi classici dei fratelli Gibb, eseguite dai Tree Gees (Tribute band italiana) e dai vocalists italiani (e grandi fans) Angelo Cannata' e Vittorio Fraja. (Sono necessari "RealAudio player" o Windows Media Player).
[Short (streaming) audio clips of some Brothers Gibb's classics covered by the Italian tribute band Tree Gees and Italian vocalists (and big fans) Angelo Cannata' and Vittorio Fraja.("RealAudio player" or Windows Media Player required)].

"Too Much Heaven" (live) - Tree Gees
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"Stayin'Alive" (live) - Tree Gees
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"Night Fever" (live) - Tree Gees
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"Our Love (Don't throw it all away)" - Angelo Cannata'
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"How Can You Mend a Broken Heart" - Vittorio Fraja
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