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News 2005

Latest from Robin (24/11/2005)

New concerts for Robin Gibb. After Germany, Russia, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Japan, the "Magnetic tour", which began in summer 2004, will reach South America. In fact the following dates have been announced (and confirmed):

Sao Paulo (Brasil)
Buenos Aires (Argentina)
Mexico City (Mexico)
Monterrey (Mexico)

Robin will do some TV and radio appearances supporting the release of "Love songs", the new greatest hits set, due to be released in UK on 28 november (in Italy will be released on 20 january 2006, very near to the San Remo festival: tomorrow never knows...Robin could be also in Italy.
And it seems that in 2006 there will some addtional "Magnetic Tour" dates in Europe (surely in UK, but other countries, we hope also Italy, are at the moment in consideration).

In the meantime Robin made a statement in his official website , that (hopefully) is a way to get better in his personal relationship with Barry, after their feud shown on TV.
Robin will be very active on the UK scene (and record market) in the forthcoming months with two upcoming new release concerning two Gibb hits cover versions :"First of May" and "Woman in love".
"First of may", a duet with the very popular English group G4, is included in their upcoming new album, "G4 and Friends", to be released in UK on 28 november. In the album there are also other guest appearances by Cliff Richard and Lesley Garrett.
The Bee Gees cover will be the first single taken from the new set. The single is co-produced by Robin. It will be released in the middle of the Christmas season (19 december), and it is in competiton for a high debut in the UK Christmas chart. The song is also included in the G4 live brand new DVD (already released), entitled" Live At The Royal Albert Hall", taken from a concert that featured a special appearance of Robin Gibb.
The following is the single tracklist (which includes 3 versions of "First of may") :

1. First Of May (with Robin Gibb)
2. When A Child Is Born
3. Don’t Dream It’s Over
4. First Of May (live) (with Robin Gibb)
5. When A Child Is Born – cd extra video
6. First Of May (live) (with Robin Gibb)– cd extra video

"Woman in love", the Robin co-produced single of the Barbra Streisand's Gibb penned smash hit, performed by former Atomic Kitten member Liz McClarnon, will be released in UK on 13 february 2006, even if it will be serviced to radio from 7 january 2006.
It seems also that McClarnon recorded another song, written by Robin and Gary Barlow (former Take That member). The song (also Robin co-produced) should be included in the McClarnon debut solo set, due for release in spring 2006. McClarnon, in a message sent to the Robin fans and published in the Robin's website told that she is flattered to work with a legend such Robin Gibb.
A dance re-mix special version of "Woman in love by McClarnon is however already available in the compilation "Clubland 8" recently released in UK.

Barry Gibb chatted several times this month with the fans in his official website.
In these chats he talked about the conflicts with Robin (even if he made an official statement in the website "to put aside any further negative comments based on issues between my brother and myself").

Bee Gees Love Songs (24/11/2005)

(News posted originally on 04/11 and updated on 17/11)

LAST UPDATE: 24.11.2005
On 28 november a new Bee Gees greatest hits compliation, entitled "Love Songs", will be released in UK.
In the other main markets release dates will be as follows:
Germany: 25/11
Norvey: 28/11
Canada: 29/11
USA: 06/12
Japan: 7/12
Italy, Belgium, Holland and Spain: 20/01/2006
Australia, Denmark, France and Sweden: 05/02/2006

As the title may recall, this (further) greatest hits set includes some of the best love songs written and performed by the Brothers Gibb in their enduring career.
This album ends the Bee Gees contract obligation with Polydor/Universal Records.
In the meantime the Gibbs have got back the possessione on the intergral control of all of their song catalogue. This means that, from now on, any eventual new release (including any of their songs) on any label will be allowed only with their direct and explicite permission.
It seems that Barry and Robin are considerating the label offers for the distribution of their catalogue.
They have sold over 130 million records worldwide and are credited with having the most successful song catalogue of all time.
In fact, even if they are at the moment apparently in a state of deep conflict, the new label finding represents a break in the feud between them, which concern mainly the way of the making for the tribute to their late brother Maurice.

In the meantime, here is the "Love Songs" tracklist:

1. To Love Somebody
2. Words
3. First Of May
4. Lonely Days
5. How Can You Mend A Broken Heart
6. How Deep Is Your Love
7. More Than A Woman
8. (Our Love) Don't Throw It All Away
9. Emotion
10. Too Much Heaven 11. Heartbreaker
12. Islands In The Stream ( Live)
13. Juliet
14. Secret Love
15. For Whom The Bell Tolls
16. Closer Than Close
17. I Could Not Love You More
18. Wedding Day

Furthermore (unfortunately only for the British and Asian market) the album will include two bonus tracks:
"Heart like mine" and"Lovers and Friends".
The last was written in 1999 by Maurice and Barry for Irish singer Ronan Keating (former Boyzone member), that recorded the track intended to be included in his debut solo work.
But at the very last minute, without any apparent reason the song was dropped out by the tracklist, even if the Gibb brothers were credited and thanked in the sleeve notes. The song was never officially released (since now). (Release dates update, source: robingibb.com)

LAST UPDATES (24/11/2005)

1) POLYDOR UK has created two websites supporting "Love Songs":
http://www.beegeeslovesongs.com (still under construction)

2) "Islands in thr stream" is the version from the "One Night Only" live cd;

3)"Lovers and friends" is released "featuring Ronan Keating", and is the song above mentioned, available for the first time in a official release.
playlist of the UK version
The back cover of the UK version of "Love songs" (including the bonus tracks)

Barry and Robin: TV feud (14/11/2005)

Barry Gibb: Highs, Lows & Heartaches

(Nov 7-8, 2005) You can't think '70s without the BEE GEES. The Brothers Gibb dominated the charts when disco exploded onto the scene, and their soundtrack for Saturday Night Fever shot them into the stratosphere. Now, ET's MARK STEINES sits down with BARRY GIBB to get his take on the fantastic disco era -- and the tragedies that tore his family apart.

"To me, the song that's really reminiscent of that period is 'Stayin' Alive,' or 'Night Fever,'" Barry tells Mark. "[Disco] was bigger than anybody thought it was going to be, and even now, no matter how many films or records came out in that era, Fever still seems to be the thing that people seem to focus on. I can't explain that.

"When someone says, 'Do you want to do a soundtrack to a movie' and you've never done [one], you think, 'Wow, that's great," he says about the origins of Fever. "It became the poster child [of the era] ... We realized that we had reached another level."

Of course, as popular as their music became, there was a terrific backlash that effectively knocked Barry, ROBIN and MAURICE -- and disco -- off the pop culture pedestal.

"Certainly in the Midwest there was a backlash against this music," says Barry, "but they underrated the stay-ability of this kind of music. We're sitting here 30 years later and they're still playing [it]."

Barry says that while the brothers were unified as a group, they were anything but that in their personal lives. "This group didn't thrive on being unified; we thrived on competing against each other," he admits. "But when we were younger, that was good. As we got older, that wasn't acceptable; if someone stuck out, well, the other two weren't so happy about it."

That lack of harmony, combined with a new era of music and the tragic death of brother ANDY GIBB -- and more recently brother Maurice -- took its toll on the group.

"[Tragedy] does two things: It either fuses you together, or it blows the family apart," says Barry. "Death in the family can have those two different effects. I think it's very sad; it wasn't good for our family to lose Andy and Mo.

"Things were not so good between us five years leading up to Maurice's death," continues Barry. "I think the group was well-worn; it had become quite tainted over the years, especially the last decade. I think if we'd all been healthy, especially if Andy had still been with us, [we'd be] a whole family.

"The sense of loss that stays in the family is the void that stays," says Barry, and, unfortunately, it has driven a wedge between him and brother Robin, especially where a tribute album for the late Maurice is concerned.

"I'm not involved," reveals Barry. "I have been deliberately dis-involved. People have actually excluded me from that process. It's personal in my family, and I can't go into it, but certain things were done by the people who look after my brother to stop me from being involved."

Still, Barry intends to pay tribute to Maurice in his own special way, and he looks back fondly at the disco years that catapulted the Bee Gees to superstardom.

"It was a bit like being in the center of a hurricane," says Barry about the Australian trio's phenomenal success, "where you could see the blue sky but there was absolute turbulence going on all around you."

ET  November 8, 2005

Barry Gibb snubbed for brother's tribute album


Bee Gees brother Barry Gibb is heartbroken after being told his late brother Maurice's family want him to play no part in a planned tribute album.

Gibb reveals he and siblings, Maurice and Robin, had fallen out five years before Maurice's sudden death in 2003 - and the feud continues two years after the tragedy.

The singer explains: "I have been deliberately disinvolved. People have actually excluded me from that process. "Certain things were done by the people who look after my brother to stop me from being involved.

"It much more involves exploiting the Bee Gees than it does paying tribute to Mo (Maurice), and that's what's sad."

And, speaking exclusively to US news show Entertainment Tonight, Barry Gibb reveals he's more than used to family feuds he and his singing brothers rarely got along.

He blames the death of the brothers' youngest sibling Andy in 1988 for sparking the family squabbles, and tragedy is still breaking them apart.

He says: "It (death) either fuses you together or it blows the family apart. I think it's very sad. It wasn't good for our family, to lose Andy and then Mo.

"The sense of loss that stays in the family... is the void that stays. It's real, it's touchable."

IOL:Breaking News 08/11/2005

Robin Gibb: his replies

(Nov 10, 2005) Robin Gibb was interviewed by Mary Hart for Entertainment Tonight:

- About the tribute to Maurice, he said he had asked Barry to take part, but Barry wasn't ready for it yet.

- When asked about the lack of communication, Robin answered both have been busy on different projects, and as Barry was involved in making the new album for Barbra Streisand, he thought it was not the right time to tell him again about Mo's tribute.

- He was also asked what he would say to Barry: "Well, there's one thing I'd like to say is that Barry, and no one can come between me and you. We're the only two people that count."

- When asked to comment Barry's words about them not being three brothers but three families, he replied: "You know, it's been three rough years of emotional space where we've had to come to terms with Maurice's loss and we've had to deal with that in our own separate ways"

- About Barry not being involved in Maurice's tribute, Robin said: "I've been in touch with him.  Asked him to do the tribute album. But there are things that he needed to do on his own."

- About people around Robin excluding Barry from the project, Robin said "I love you and I would never allow that to happen. You are the very heart of the BeeGees. You're with me and we want to go forward I want to go forward together.

- The interviewer asked him again "Why do you think he feels so strongly that he is being shut out of the tribute album to Maurice then?". Robin's reply was: "I can't understand where that comes from, I have been in touch with Barry and I've asked him quite a few times to be involved, but again he's not been ready for various reasons because of Maurice's death."

- Mary Hart said: "But Barry was ready to pick up the phone and call his brother..." And Robin replied he phoned Barry two days before.

- Mary Heart: "Robin understands and shares Barry's grief over losing Maurice three years ago." Robin's reply: "In essence I don't think we're the kind of guys who can come together and work it through together. We had to do it in our own way."

- Mary Hart then asked about Andy: "Andy died after a long battle with drugs. I know that there was discussion about bringing Andy in and making him an official part of the BeeGees but that never happened. Why not?" Robin said : "It never happened because Andy didn't want it to happen and that was something that he made perfectly clear at least two months before he died."

- Finally he was asked about he and Barry getting together for Christmas: "Well, Barry is not very keen on flying, so it seems it will be in Florida. And that's good for me, I need some sunshine"

The Bee Gees Family Feud

The BEE GEES may have been the reigning kings of disco with their multi-platinum album Saturday Night Fever leading the charge, but a pair of tragedies over the course of their career -the deaths of brothers ANDY and more recently groupmate MAURICE- have derailed the personal relationship between the two remaining Brothers Gibb, BARRY and ROBIN.

"The sense of loss that stays in the family is the void that stays," Barry told ET's MARK STEINES earlier this week, and, unfortunately, it has driven a wedge between him and Robin, especially where a tribute album for the late Maurice is concerned.

"I'm not involved," Barry told Mark. "I've been deliberately dis-involved. People have actually excluded me from that process. It's personal in my family, and I can't go into it, but certain things were done by the people who look after my brother to stop me from being involved."

Now, Robin comes to ET to set the record straight and try to explain to MARY HART just what is behind their different points of view.

"I think it's an emotional trigger," says Robin. "I can't understand where that comes from, because I have been in touch with Barry and I have asked him a few times to be involved, but he's not been ready, for various reasons, because of Maurice's death, to actually go out there and do as many projects as possible, so he's had to work through this thing slowly on his own time."

As for any lack of communication, Robin explains that it's only been a few months since they've spoken, and for a good reason. "You have to respect a person's space when they're recording," says Robin. "You can't be talking to them all the time about other projects, but he has been in touch, whether it's been from me or by his advisors."

But even before Maurice's death and the tribute album obstacles, Barry says that "things were not so good" between the Bee Gees for years leading up to Maurice's sudden death in January of 2003. "I think the group was well-worn," he told Mark. "It had become quite tainted over the years, especially the last decade. I think if we'd all been healthy, especially if Andy had still been with us, [we'd be] a whole family.

"[Tragedy] does two things: It either fuses you together, or it blows the family apart," concludes Barry. "Death in the family can have those two different effects. I think it's very sad; it wasn't good for our family to lose Andy and Mo."

ET.TV.yahoo.com (November 10, 2005)

(Special thanks for collecting this articles: Bee Gees World)

The plans for the Maurice tribute (22/10/2005)

Clear Channel Entertainment Television (CCETV) gave today the official confirmation of the activities concerning the tribute for Maurice Gibb.
The project coordination and organization is by Robin Gibb and his management and, (unfortunately) does not involve at all Barry Gibb, the other former Bee Gees member. Here is the official statement.

Clear Channel Entertainment Television (CCETV) has announced today its plan to participate in a multi-platform media project that will pay tribute and celebrate the life of Maurice Gibb, organized by Robin Gibb, both of whom were members of the world renowned Bee Gees. All activities will revolve around the special tribute album, produced by award-winning, Kenneth "Babyface" Edmonds, planned for a major release in June 2006. The announcement was made today by President of Clear Channel Entertainment Television, Joe Townley.

Clear Channel Entertainment TV's plans include producing a television show from a live tribute concert featuring top music artists performing some of the Bee Gees' #1 hit songs, in addition to a behind-the-scenes television series and DVD releases of both.

In memory of the untimely death of Robin's twin brother, Maurice, the project will recognize his life and his impact on fans and music the world over. A major tribute concert, being held in conjunction with the CD release, will be broadcast live on a major television network. Artists performing on the CD include Paul McCartney, Snoop Dogg, Sheryl Crow, Black Eyed Peas, Wyclef Jean, Beyonce, Leann Rimes, Eric Clapton & Rascal Flatts and it is hoped that many will participate in the proposed concert. Notable charitable entities will be beneficiaries of the event.

The "making of" television series is already being shot as the artists and producers are in the planning, recording and mixing stages of the tribute album. The episodes will document the making of the album and live concert, and will include exclusive interviews with the recording artists. Each show will lead up to the finale which showcases the actual live concert. In conjunction with the television series, CCETV will also release a DVD to include all episodes of the series as well as the broadcast of the concert performances.

"This project brings yet another dimension to the hugely successful Bee Gees history and is a part of the vision which Robin has for keeping Maurice's -- and the Bee Gees' -- legacy alive to fans new and old. We are proud to be playing a part in this grand plan," says Steve Sterling, Senior Vice President of CCETV.

John Campbell, under the GC Management banner, in which he is partnered with Gibb co-manager Ken Graydon, adds, "Robin Gibb and the Bee Gees have been recognized around the world for decades, and now both their long-time fans, and new ones, will celebrate their music through a whole new variety of media distribution, capturing the urban, hip hop, country & pop genres of today."

The Bee Gees have won 7 Grammy awards, a long list of industry and consumer recognitions honoring their songwriting, recording and performances, including induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Their "Saturday Night Fever" soundtrack was one of the best selling of all time. Among the classic hits on that album are "Stayin' Alive," "More Than a Woman" and "How Deep Is Your Love." They have sold over 130 million records worldwide and are credited with having the most successful song catalogue of all time."

(source: Business wire)

"Guilty Pleasures/Too" in the charts (21/10/2005)

Peak Positions
(Last Update: 21 october 2005)

- Certified Gold in USA (500.000 units sold) and in UK (100.000) -

USA (internet sales)
United Kingdom
New Zealand
Hong Kong
(* Average sales of "Guilty Pleasures and Guilty Too")
      13 (*)

Prestigious award for the Bee Gees (11/10/2005)

The Bee Gees have been awarded with the Q Lifetime achievement award. Robin Gibb received the award at the ceremony held at The Grosvenor House Hotel in London. Robin (live) and Barry (by satellite from Miami) dedicated the award to Maurice.

Robin alla cerimonia Q awards 2005
Robin with the award

See also the Q Awards 2005 official website

Details on the new Barbra (& Barry) album (17/08/2005)

the  cover of the new album(Originally posted on 4 august 2005, last update: 17 august 2005)
On the left you see the cover of the new album by Barbra Streisand, that will be released on 20 september 2005. The album, entitled "Guilty Pleasures" (In UK - and maybe all over Europe - the title will be "Guilty too")
(UPDATE: see the press release) is produced by Barry Gibb, that is also the author (and/or co-author) of all of the tracks. Barry sings in two duets with Barbra ("Come Tomorrow" and "Above the law"), and provide background vocals in most of the songs.

>>16/08/2005 - World premiere of the video "Stranger in a strange land", one of the songs from "Guilty Pleasures" in exclusive on amazon.com, and will be available till 22/08/2005: click here to see the clip

>>13/08/2005 - Columbia Records launches a website (more exactly a blog), completely dedicated to the new Streisand album:
http://blog.columbiarecords.com/barbra/, from which for example we know that "Above the law" (one of the new songs) was written by Barry & Barbra

Recently Barry has stated he was very pleased with the work, and confirmed that it has been finished in the first week of August, for being post-produced and mastered within the end of August.
In the meantime, some details (often only rumors and/or simple speculations) about the project began to be available on the net. For example, for a while it seemed the album was entitled "Letting go", and the following tracklist appeared in some websites:
1) Above The Law (Duet With Barry Gibb)
2) Stranger In A Strange Land
3) Hideaway
4) Golden Dawn
5) If Only (You Were Mine)
6) Night Of My Life
7) Come Tomorrow (Duet With Barry Gibb)
8) It's Up To You
9) Without Your Love (Along The Way)
10) All The Children
11) (Our Love) Don't Throw It All Away
12) Letting Go
The tracklist indicated in the Sony official online store (the distribution label of Columbia Records) is the following:
(CD - Columbia Catalog number 093559 CK - Dual Disc - Columbia Catalog number 094997 CN)

1. Come Tomorrow (Duet With Barry Gibb) [5:01]
2. Stranger In A Strange Land [4:48]
3. Hideaway [4:15]
4. It's Up To You [3:31]
5. Night Of My Life [3:59]
6. Above The Law (Duet with Barry Gibb) [4:26]
7. Without Your Love [3:49]
8. All The Children [5:13]
9. Golden Dawn [4:40]
10. (Our Love) Don't Throw It All Away [4:01]
11. Letting Go [3:53]

The DVD portion of the Dual Disc will contain four videos:

1. Above the Law
2. Hideaway
3. Stranger In A Strange Land
4. Letting Go

The most important change is not the diferent order of the tracks, but apparently the song "If Only (You Were Mine)", mentioned in the first given trackist, was dropped out in the final version.
Interesting is also the covers of Andy Gibb' "(Our Love) Don't Throw It All Away", and of "Letting go", originally sung by Barry in the "Hawks" soundtrack (1988)
On 18 august 2005 (many sources report 29 august) will be released a special edition of "Guilty", the smash-hit album originally released in 1980. This "special 25th anniversary" edition will include a CD with the original nine tracks (digitally remastered) and a DVD with:
1. Interview With Barbra And Barry , on the making of 'Guilty' (filmed in june 2005)
2. Live concert performance of "Guilty" (from "One Voice" TV Special)
3. Live concert performance of "What Kind Of Fool" (from One Voice TV Special)
4. Photo Gallery (by Mario Casilli)
5. Excerpt of "Stranger In A Strange Land" (from the new album)- In studio performance
Entire Album Mixed In LPCM Stereo

Barry Gibb was recently (on 16 july) in chat with the fans in his official website. During the chat he stated that the Streisand album is co-produced by John Merchant He also said that in the near future will be released a special Andy Gibb album, which could included some unreleased songs and other rarities.
Moreover he said he's writing (has already written)some new material with his son Ashley.
Finally, concerning a tribute for Maurice, he said: "right now me and Robin don't seem to be able to agree on how that is done, maybe all you fans could suggest the ideal way to pay a tribute to Mo."

Sir Paul & Robin: award and duet (12/08/2005)

Paul Mc Cartney and Robin after the degree ceremonyRobin Gibb has been given a "rock and roll" diploma by Sir Paul McCartney at the former Beatle's fame school in Liverpool.
Robin received an honorary companionship - the equivalent of an honorary degree - from the Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts (LIPA) on Friday.
Sir Paul opened LIPA in the grounds of his old school in 1996.
McCartney, speaking to the audience (ext. 500 peoples, students, fans and reporters), told Robin deserved the honorary companionship - the equivalent of an honorary degree - because "he belongs to a band which is ranked sixth on the all-time top sellers list, and is the only act in history to write, produce and record six consecutive hit singles". Robin said: "I feel what Paul has done with LIPA is admirable and special, and Paul has my total support at all times. What Paul has been doing is very special to my own heart, to encourage and develop the artistic skills of new young aspiring individuals. It is important that we, who have benefitted so much in our own sphere should give others as much encouragement as possible. What was happening in Liverpool could not have been achieved without Paul." (Sources: BBC, robingibb.com)
UPDATE: According to some credited sources, Sir Paul and Robin recently recorded a duet, a brand new version of the Bee Gees' hit "Too much heaven". The song will be included in the Maurice Gibb's all stars tribute cd, due in 2006
Robin will start a new leg of his 2005 Magnetic Tour in Asia accompanied by the Neue Philharmonie Frankfurt Orchestra. These are the dates:
20 August 2005 /MALAYSIA/Kuala Lumpur - Genting resort - Arena of the Stars
21 August 2005 /MALAYSIA/Kuala Lumpur - Genting resort - Arena of the Stars
23 August 2005 /SINGAPORE/Singapore - Singapore indoor stadium.
25 August 2005/THAILAND/Bangkok - BEC Tero Hall
27 August 2005 /TAIWAN/Taipei - University Sports Centre
31 August 2005 /KOREA/Seoul - Coex Convention Centre
03 September 2005 /JAPAN / Tokyo - International Forum Hall
The only european concert date for 2005, originally planned for 10 september 2005 in Uelzen (Germany) has been cancelled. (UPDATE: 12/08/2005)

In the meantime, at the end of august will be released a single (produced by Robin Gibb) featuring a duet performed by former Atomic Kitten singer Liz McClarnon and Robin.
Some days ago, McClarnon told the press that the two singer are going to record a new version of the Barbra Streisand song "Woman In Love", written in 1980 by Barry and Robin Gibb. The song was a smash hit worldwide (also in Italy, where it reached #1 for three consecutive weeks).
Liz confessed she was very eager to start the recordings and she was excited about this collaboration.
She said: "Somebody suggested it to me and I talked to Robin about it. He totally fell in love with the idea. He didn't need any persuading to do it. No one has covered it since it was a hit. Robin is completely happy with it. But I'm really nervous about it."
More recently Robin commented in a positive way this collaboration. He said: "I was approached by Liz and her manager to produce a contemporary version of the song that I have done. She has done a fantastic job – I am very, very pleased with the result, she has a great voice".

From Robin: new CD and DVD and more live shows (13/06/2005)

On 17 june will be released in Italy the cd "Robin Gibb Live". The album includes the recording of the first of the concerts of the Magnetic tour 2004, which Robin embarked last year in Germany with the Neue Philharmonie Frankfurt Orchestra.
The concert from whom the album is realized is the show that Robin made in Bonn (18/09/04, Museumshof).
Here is the tracklist:
1. Night Fever
2. I’ve Got To Get A Message To You
3. How Deep Is Your Love
4. Nights On Broadway
5. Love Hurts
6. Massachusetts
7. My Lover’s Prayer
8. New York Mining Disaster 1941
9. Please
10. Saved By The Bell
11. To Love Somebody
12. Words
13. You Win Again
14. Juliet
15. Tragedy
16. Jive Talkin’
17. Stayin’ Alive

Just after some days in Italy will be also available the omonime DVD, which will include all the tracks above mentioned and also a bonus track ("Emotion"), a special interview of Robin, a video shooted in Robin' UK home, (The Prebendal) and also a picture gallery with photos taken from the German live events.
In the meantime Robin, after the three consecutive sold-out in Hong Kong (9,10 and 11 june), will play live again in Asia, in Taiwan, the next 27 august.
Also Robin will be the principal act in Germany (Uelzen) on 10 september for a charity event, the 75th anniversary of the DLRG: the German Lifeguard Society Of Water Rescue. Robin will play for 90 minutes accompanied by the Neue Philharmonie Frankfurt Orchestra and before him there will be other acts very popular in Germany, Sarah Connor and Patrick Nuo.
The concert will be held on a space near the Uelzen station.

Barry: new album for Barbra Streisand and official website (25/05/2005)

Barry Gibb and Barbra Streisand team up again for a new album, 25 years after the multi-platinum smash-hit album "Guilty" (1980).
In March Streisand gave the official announcement of the new collaboration, and in these days Barry Gibb flew to Los Angeles to record some of the new tracks with Barbra (two or three duets). Barry is also directly involved in the recording of the whole new album of the legendary singer, for which (according Gibb management) he wrote twelve new songs.
Barry will stay in Los Angeles for three weeks and source say that the album will be released in the end of september 2005 on Columbia Records.
Co-writers of some tracks are his son Ashley and his long-time friend David English.
At the moment it seems that brother Robin is not involved at all in the new work for Streisand.
In the meantime, yesterday (24 may 2005), was launched the official Barry Gibb website, www.barrygibb.com, that includes pictures, news, biography and discography. According to the introductive notes, the website is intended to be "a great source of information for all fans and friends all over the world".
The website promises also interactivity (chats with Barry), and shopping (mp3, demos, rarities, memorabilia only available online).

Social activities and concerts for Robin (25/03/2005)

Robin Gibb's management has announced a series of live events in Moscow and in Asia (and the news is confirmed also in the forum of www.robingibb.com).
In particular, Robin will play live in Moscow, at the prestigious venue of the State Kremlin Palace Theatre, on 28 march 2005 and in Hong Kong, from 9 to 11 june, in Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur), on 20 and 21 august.
In the meantime, Robin is very active in social activities:
Friday 18th February, Robin was at the school for performing arts in Liverpool, invited to hold a discourse at the school by Sir Paul McCartney, who is one of the founders of the institute.
He talked about songwriting and the music industry, answering questions for about 90 minutes to an audience of around 400 students.
On the first of March, Robin went to Buckingham Palace for a reception hosted by Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain, to recognize the exellence of British Music and the contribution to the culture and the economy of Great Britain.
Robin was one of the guests invited to the all-star gathering. Among others guests: Eric Clapton, Brian May e Phil Collins.
And on 28 May Robin will take part to a benefit gala of the anti-mines organization "Adopt-a-Minefield" in Neuss, Germany.
The gala will be held by Sir Paul McCartney and his wife Lady Heather Mills McCartney, which are goodwill ambassadors.

Barry Gibb: no work with Robin (at the moment) (10/03/2005)

(Interview by Gail Williams, "The Sunday Times", March 6, 2005)
With 'Saturday Night Fever' soon to hit the Perth stage, Gail Williams talks to Bee Gee Barry Gibb, whose music helped define an era of white satin suits, fabulous flares and strutting on the dance floor.

The Manchester-laced voice of Barry Gibb - he of the tight pants and gold chains and the hairy third of the mega group the Bee Gees - says down the phone that he still calls Australia home. The toothily handsome Bee Gee is one of the top five most successful artists in pop-music history. He's in the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame. His face has even appeared to a British carpenter on a toasted crumpet, who immediately interpreted the vision as a sign of the second coming of Christ. But that's another story.
Let's just say that for a legion of well-worn groovers who cut their adolescent teeth on 'Spicks and Specks' Barry Gibb is an all-round icon.
But something's telling Gibb he must go home. And this time it's not to Massachusetts.
On the eve of the Perth premiere of 'Saturday Night Fever,' the musical which forever cemented him and his brothers Robin and Maurice in the annals of pop music history, he's hankering after Brisbane's Redcliffe racetrack, Bunnerong Road, Maroubra, the Palm Lounge on the Gold Coast, and the town hall at Cohuna in Victoria - all fond memories of a childhood spent penning heartfelt lyrics and putting them to upbeat tunes while dreaming of fame and fortune.
Gibb's present home of 26 years is celebrity-studded Miami, a palatial testament to a realisation of those dreams - 110 million times over. That's how many of his records - with names like 'I've Gotta Get A Message to You', 'Don't Forget to Remember', 'I Started a Joke', 'To Love Somebody', 'Massachusetts', 'Nights on Broadway' - have sold over four decades.
Miami's nice, even with vice, but 39 years after Barry and his younger twin brothers sailed from Australia on the Fairsky hoping to make their mark on the international music scene, he wants to revisit his roots.
"Leaving Australia was the hardest thing I have ever done," he says. "They were probably the greatest years of our lives - larking around on the beach, going barefoot to school, fishing, playing on the mudflats."
Gibb is remarkably charitable seeing that the Bee Gees left Australia under a cloud of legal activity with Festival Records trying to prevent them from going.
And it was a less than enthusiastic public which saw the Gibb brothers, then aged 20 and 17, seeking new horizons despite having already written 60 songs that were recorded by others. 'Spicks and Specks', their first No. 1 single, had just taken off in November 1966.
Gibb, now 58, also reveals he will have to overcome his fear of flying - something which has plagued him since September 11 - to complete his planned Australian tour in which he will retrace the steps of the young Bee Gees who moved from Manchester to Queensland when Barry was just 11.
This, his first Australian tour since 1999, will be without Robin. While Barry was always seen as the leader of the group, it was Maurice, who died two years ago just before undergoing emergency surgery, who was the glue that bound them together.
"Robin and I won't get together to do anything," says Gibb. "We are so different as people. It was great being together as a band, but much more difficult being brothers than it was being in a band. We have no plans to do anything at the moment, but who knows?
"Right now I'm writing songs for me (as well as Sir Cliff Richard and Barbra Streisand) and I'll keep doing it for as long as I stay balanced and I don't fall over. Everything seems to be working OK at the moment. I don't want to live on past records."
It's timely that Gibb plans to tour Australia when 'Saturday Night Fever' - nearly three decades after the Robert Stigwood film hit world screens and ended up defining an era - is once again sweeping the country, this time on stage.
After a successful Melbourne season the show opens in Perth on March 15, offering the Bee Gees' disco beat for a whole new generation with hits such as 'Jive Talkin', 'You Should Be Dancing', 'Stayin Alive', 'If I Can't Have You' and "How Deep is Your Love'.
No one, it seems, is more delighted than the man who made it all possible, Robert Stigwood, who produced both the 1978 movie and the musical which premiered in London in 1998.
Stigwood, now aged 70, has been a longtime friend of Gibb's since he signed up the Bee Gees three weeks after they hit London. He saw the show recently in Melbourne and declared it the best production he'd seen.
So impressed was Stigwood with Melbourne boy Adam-Jon Fiorentino in the lead role of the disco king Tony Manero that he could be drafted for the West End production in London.
Though Gibb has seen the production half a dozen times in London and New York, he says he can easily resist the temptation to leap up and stab the air like John Travolta. Apart from the fact he was never really into disco dancing, he also suffers from rheumatoid arthritis which prohibits him from dancing.
"I never really did any disco dancing," he laughs. "I would just move around on the stage. But even now, when people see me in the street, they point upwards to the sky. It's just something I'll always have to live with.
"But it's the tennis I really miss. I didn't start playing till I was about 35 and my joints are no good. I have had an operation on my back and apparently arthritis occurs with a lot of people who have had back surgery."
Even when sitting in the audience and hearing the opening strains of 'Staying Alive' - which sold 40 million copies - Gibb barely raises a goosebump.
"I think (hearing) it's quite fun," he says. "It's great for people who love dancing. The only thing I miss on stage is the falsetto."
After the huge success of 'Saturday Night Fever', which saw them become the biggest band in the world, there was shame, stigma and ridicule as the world left disco behind. The Bee Gees never shook the disco image despite such achievements as being the only pop group to have written, produced and recorded six consecutive No. 1 hits on the US charts. Only Elvis, the Beatles, Michael Jackson and Paul McCartney have sold more records.
But their songs live on, having charmed three generations of children and they continue to be parodied in television programs from 'The Simpsons' to 'The Office'.
Gibb is intrigued, like most people, at the resurgence of the '70s - the fashion and the old bands touring.
"I think people are going back to it because it was an innocent era and they just want to live through it all again," he says. "You got to dress up and wear those great big jeans and a lot of strange clothes."
These days Gibb spends his days ferrying his daughter, 13-year-old Ali - "a Justin Timberlake fan, no less" - to and from school and writing songs with his son Stevie, who is in a heavy metal band, Crowbar.
"I still write in the same way that I always did, " he says. "I have a little dictaphone and if a sound takes my fancy or if a lyric comes to me in the middle of the night I'll just record it there and then. Anything can inspire me - a conversation, something strikes you about words which can end up being a title."
Gibb attributes his creativity to being a left-hander and also to being badly scalded as a two year old.

"I was given about 20 minutes to live and I can't remember any of it," he says. "I think sometimes when you feel so much pain it gets stored away in your mind somewhere and then it comes out later in some creative way."
It's the same with the pain of his brother's death, which he says will not go away. "We were sort of like the three musketeers," he says. "We were all looking for the same thing. Suddenly one of you is not there. I have to get used to it, get on with life. Maybe the way to do it is through music - keeping the music alive."

Barry and Robin for the Tsunami victims (15/01/2005)

Barry and Robin Gibb have contributed to an Asian tsunami relief charity single, titled "Grief Never Grows Old", which is scheduled to be released by Universal on Monday, January 24.
Barry recorded his part of the song at Middle Ear Studios in Miami, while Robin recorded his part at ITV studios in London.
It's the first time that they appear together in a song after the death of Maurice Gibb (12 January 2003).
The single had its first airing on "The Steve Wright Show" on BBC Radio 2 on Thursday afternoon, January 13 at 3:20 p.m., and it seems it was only mixed the previous evening.
Universal are creating a unique label for the song called One World Records, which will be available in all music stores in the U.K.
Several artists have contributed to the recording sessions for the track, which was written by radio DJ Mike Read and produced by Steve Levine (Culture Club and Beach Boys among others).
The musicians are performing under the collective name of One World Pproject.
Some of the artists included on the single are Boy George, Steve Winwood, Jon Anderson and Rick Wakeman (Yes), Cliff Richard, Bill Wyman, America, Kenny Jones (Who), Chicago, Brian Wilson (Beach Boys), Russell Watson, Davy Spillane, and several others.
Sales from the single will go the Disasters Emergency Committee Charity.
Probably the all stars group will never perform the track live, but a video has been shot, featuring Robin Gibb and many of the artists heard on the single.

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