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News 2004

The Bee Gees in the UK top 10 (08/11/2004)

The last Bee Gees hits compilation, "Number Ones", released this week in Europe, has entered the UK album charts at # 7.

This is the 14th top ten album in UK (the sixt consecutive one) for the Bee Gees in a career spanning over 37 years.

The last 4 Bee Gees greatest hits set in the UK had the following results:

. "The Very Best" (# 6)

. "One Night Only" (# 4)

. "The Record" (# 5)

Number Ones cover

"Number Ones" is available in two different versions, one for UK and Japan and the other is reserved to the international markets (including USA and Europe)

Here are the 2 playlists:


1. Massachussetts
2. World
3. Words
4. I've Gotta Get A Message To You
5. I Started A Joke
6. Don't Forget To Remember
7. How Can You Mend A Broken Heart
8. Jive Talkin'
9. You Should Be Dancing
10. How Deep Is Your Love
11. Stayin' Alive
12. Night Fever
13. Too Much Heaven
14. Tragedy
15. More Than A Woman
16. Love You Inside Out
17. You Win Again
18. Man In The Middle (Bonus Track)
19. Islands In The Stream (New Version) (Bonus Track)
20. Immortality (Bonus Track)

Edizione internazionale:

1. Massachusetts
2. World
3. Words
4. I've Gotta Get A Message To You
5. I Started A Joke
6. Don't Forget To Remember
7. Lonely Days
8. How Can You Mend A Broken Heart
9. Jive Talkin'
10. You Should Be Dancing
11. Love So Right
12. How Deep Is Your Love
13. Stayin' Alive
14. Night Fever
15. Too Much Heaven
16. Tragedy
17. Love You Inside Out
18. You Win Again
19. Man In The Middle - (bonus track)

In U.S. the album may be also purchased with a bonus DVD which features performances never before aired in the U.S. from the U.K. television program "An Audience With," high rated show with 10.9 million viewers, incredible for a country of about 60 million people. The DVD includes their first worldwide hit "Massachusetts," their first number 1 in the USA "How Can You Mend A Broken Heart," "How Deep Is Your Love," which stayed 17 weeks in the top 10, "Jive Talkin'," and "I Started A Joke".

Furthermore, it is possible for the american fans to have a special Bee Gees t-shirt (that features the CD image), buying the album at the megastores "Target"
Robin Gibb is heavily promoting the album in Europe. (UK, Holland, Germany and Austria) e unofficial sources talk about TV appearances in many other European countries (Italy??).
By the way, in Italy several promotional spots are currently aired on the main TV and Radio networks.

The plans of Robin for the next years (19/09/2004)

According to Music Industry News Network, Robin Gibb has several plans for the next five years.
Here is the article:

Bee Gee Robin Gibb Returns From A Self Imposed Hiatus

“I have spent almost two years reconciling my personal life and determining my future. With a terrific team, I am looking forward to the many years to come and the outstanding projects we have in store, beginning almost immediately. I am very appreciative of the love, support and consideration that fans, business associates, and media have shown since Maurice’s passing.”

-Robin Gibb


(Los Angeles, September 16, 2004) -- Fortunately for millions of fans worldwide, music legend Robin Gibb has returned from his self-imposed hiatus after the untimely loss of his twin brother and fellow Bee Gee Maurice. Robin’s immediate plans include an extraordinary live tribute concert and worldwide television special, compilation and brand new recordings, and concert tours. The project spans over 5 years, and will re-introduce Robin and the Bee Gees to both past, present, and importantly the future.

Robin has just set off on the Magnetic Tour 2004 in Germany with the New Frankfurt Philharmonic, which is being taped by Eagle Vision for an upcoming DVD. Dr. Ralph Philipp Ziegler, Artistic Leader for the Philharmonic, is quoted as saying, “Having been chosen to team up with Robin Gibb fills us with great pride and we are extremely motivated, for Robin, and for our audience, to present this extraordinary event with the greatest enthusiasm.”

Next month, the ultimate compilation CD of some of the Bee Gees #1 songs will be released worldwide by Polydor.

Robin will return to the studio after the German dates to finish recording a new solo CD, produced by Kenneth “Babyface” Edmonds under Robin’s Magnet, Inc. production banner. The album will feature Bee Gees songs personally selected by Robin, and Babyface featuring chart topping contemporary vocalists including Jagged Edge, Black Eyed Peas, and a handful of the roster of Mathew Knowles’ new management division of Sanctuary Artist Management, as well as many outstanding surprises.

A limited Making Of non-scripted television series is planned to precede the release of the CD, which is anticipated for Fall ’05. An extensive World Tour will follow.

Perhaps the biggest project Robin is undertaking is a televised tribute concert for Maurice. Along with Maurice’s family, the Maurice Gibb Foundation and CG Management, comprised of long-time manager Ken Graydon, who continues to represent Robin in the UK and Europe, and well established British manager and publisher John Campbell, who has re-located to Los Angeles to set up an American operation and to represent Robin in the U.S., other international territories, Robin is preparing what promises to be the consummate star-studded, talent packed musical special event, a tribute to Maurice. It will take place in the United States in Spring ’05, and be broadcast on a U.S. television network and worldwide. Babyface will be the music director of the show, which is sure to be a major musical event of 2005, attracting enormous worldwide interest. It’s worth noting, friends of the top selling trio are all coming out to remember Maurice. Charity foundation EIF is in talks to become seriously involved in the project.

“Maurice loved life,” said Robin, “And we want to celebrate his life and talent the best way we know how – through music.”

Maurice Gibb Recording Studio, Manchester, UK (12/05/2004)

The plaque of the Maurice Gibb recording studioRobin and Barry Gibb visited Chorlton High School on Wednesday 12 May 2004 to officially open the school's new Recording Studio, named the "Maurice Gibb Recording Studio" in memory of their brother Maurice Gibb, the third member of the Bee Gees, who died last year. The school was named as a centre of excellence for the performing arts last year. It has recently built a state-of-the-art recording studio. Teachers emailed the Bee Gees earlier this year to ask if they could name the facility in Maurice's honour. "We're overwhelmed - it's such a nice a compliment for our music.", said Barry. Robin added: "We're so proud to be here and we hope there'll be many years of success and successful young artists." And as Barry pressed a button to open the suite he made a touching tribute to Maurice. "Here one's for you pal", he said, and turning to the guests at the ceremony, added: "He finally got top billing." After a tour of the schools Music Department, and brand new recording studio, Robin and Barry entered the packed BlueBox Theatre and enjoyed a musical extravaganza of BeeGee's hits, performed by students of Chorlton High, including a rendition of Staying Alive, a samba version of Jive Talking, a ballet to Words and a vocal arrangement of Too Much Heaven. They were visibly moved by the performance, and also commented that there was some future stars at the school. Barry said: "What I noticed is the talent. Within the next ten years I think a star will emerge for the pop industry”. Robin told the audience: "Today's a fantastic day and calling it after Maurice would have made him very proud." Since the announcement that the Bee Gees would be in the area the school has been inundated with calls from fans eager to catch a glimpse of their idols

Good Morning, Dr. Gibb (12/05/2004)

Doctors Barry and Robin GibbThe Bee Gees have been presented with honorary degrees from the University of Manchester. Robin and Barry Gibb received the doctorates in music on Wednesday from the university's chancellor, BBC news presenter Anna Ford. They collected a posthumous honour for their brother Maurice, who died at the age of 53 in January 2003. Barry said the ceremony was "overwhelming and wonderful, Maurice would be very proud. He was applauding as well. He's looking down on us and I bet he wishes he was here.This is certainly not because of our education. This is based on our recording and our music and what this means to people.It's tremendous. People who do what we do certainly don't expect something like this. It means a lot to us. There are lots of people here today who are very deserving." Barry and Robin posed for photographs and signed autographs in the cap and gowns, and according to the Manchester Online website, “the usual formality of yesterday's ceremony - honouring Barry, Robin and Maurice Gibb - gave way to a level of excitement never before experienced by the university's great and good after a graduation ceremony.Hardly had there been time for Barry and Robin to leave the hall, give a friendly wave and a smile to the dozens of fans squeezing up against the gates, than the requests for autographs began.At first there were a few nervous requests for scribbled autographs on degree ceremony programmes and the odd cheeky demand for photos - some from those who had witnessed the ceremony and others from university staff.But within minutes the demands had become increasingly determined, and women wearing mayoral chains were using their elbows to get the front, with a force more suited to the January sales.Anyone with a camera was battling their way to the front of the media scrum with all the skill of a determined hack. And only the suited security guards ensured the brothers weren't confronted from all sides.But if the Gibbs were surprised by the level of excitement in the usually reserved quarters of academia they never let it show, as they patiently chatted and posed for photographs with warm and friendly smiles.

Robin sings for John Travolta (15/02/2004)

Robin Gibb attended John Travolta's 50th surprise birthday party, held at the One & Only Pamilla resort in Mexico, and performed ‘How Deep Is Your Love’. The party was organized by Travolta's wife, Wife Kelly Preston, that also acted as hostess. The partygoers represented a cross-section of the entertainment industry: music legends Quincy Jones, Tony Bennett and Barbra Streisand were joined by movie idols Tom Cruise, Sylvester Stallone and Meg Ryan, along with comedy greats Robin Williams, Adam Sandler and Dan Aykroyd. The guest list reflected Travolta’s 30-year career, in which he seemed to have gathered as many of his friends from past films sets as he could find. So was one of the men responsible for the soundtrack of John’s most enduring film performance, Saturday Night Fever. Robin Gibb’s attendance and perfomance was one of the highlights for everyone there

Robin in the UK top 5 (08/01/2004)

“My lover’s prayer”, the duet of Robin Gibb and Allistair Griffin, enters the UK single charts at number 5. This is the 50th Top Ten for a Gibb song in the UK. Although the high new entry in the chart, it is a partial disappointment for Robin and Griffin, as the single was predicted as a potential number 1. It seems that the percentage of points reserved to airplay (very important in the British charts system) was negatively influenced by the ‘concurrence’ between the two A-sides, bringing down the general chart position for the single. By the way, it seems that ‘My lover’s prayer’ has beaten ‘Bring it on’ in the radio requests…

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