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News 2001

"The Record" and "Emotion" high in the charts (November 20, 2001)

The new Bee Gees greatest hits "The Record" entered the UK charts this week at #5, being the 4th highest new entry in the albums chart just behind Westlife (#1), Madonna (#2), Gabrielle (#3). In the singles chart, the Destiny's Child's cover of the Gibb Brothers' penned song "Emotion" entered at #3, just behind the Blue and Westlife new singles. "Emotion" is currently #10 in the official Eurochart Singles, #12 in USA and #14 in the The Worldpop Global Singles Chart by MRIB Ltd.
"The Record" is released today in USA, Canada and Latin America.

Unreleased Bee Gees track in the upcoming Carola CD (November 16, 2001)

Swedish artist Carola recorded a version of "Angel of mercy", a song written by Barry, Maurice and Robin Gibb. The song was rumored to be released by the Bee Gees themselves (together with the song "Sensuality), as a b-side of the eventual second single from "This is where I came in". Maurice Gibb produced an album for Carola in 1986 ("Runaway"). The Swedish artist asked the Bee Gees for a new song via her label, Universal Record Sweden. The song is included in the upcoming Carola's new album,"My show", that will be released on 19 november 2001. At the time there are no news about its release in Italy. The first rumor about the Carola covering of "Angel of mercy" was heard last september, but the official confirmation went only when the tracklist of the "My show" album was sent to the stores for the pre-order. See Ginza Music Sweden and Carola Online.

"The Record" in stores now in Italy (November 11, 2001)

The new Bee Gees greatest hits was released in Italy last friday (9 november). One of the most important Italian radio Network (RTL) has included "Heartbreaker" in his "New Hits" heavy rotation ("TIWICI" was not included in any similar rotation). A massive TV campaign (featuring spots in all the national -and regional- TV stations) will begin next week in Italy.

"Bee Gees, Their Greatest Hits - The record": pre-order it (October 23, 2001)

The new Bee Gees Greatest hits will be released on November 20th. It's possible to pre-order it clicking here (CDNOW).
According to "Music Week" magazine, (as reported in theGSI website),
Polydor is backing its new Bee Gees best of with a multi-million-pound worldwide campaign as it aims to secure it in elite greatest hits territory occupied only by the likes of The Beatles' 1. The Bee Gees' best of, titled Their Greatest Hits: The Record and which is released globally around November 12, matches the simplicity of its Fab Four equivalent with a bold red cover design and features one of the most successful catalogues in music history. Besides their hits from five decades, the album also houses among its 40 tracks first-tirne Bee Gees studio versions of four songs they penned for other artists: Emotion (Samantha Sang), Islands In The Stream (Kenny Rogers with Dolly Parton), Immortality (Celine Dion) and Heartbreaker (Dionne Warwick). Universal chairman/CEO Lucian Grainge says, 'This is a very important record. It's a great record, the kind of album everyone should want.' Given the band's long chart history and enduring popularity, Polydor is convinced it has a best of that can sit at the top table with albums such as The Beaties' 1. Polydor UK general manager David Joseph says, 'We're working on a campaign so that once we release this record it will stay around forever. This isn't a seasonal thing. We have a plan to start it off this year and then take it through the whole of 2002. " This side of Christmas the main focus of the promotion will be a worldwide advertising campaign put together by ad agency Bartie Bogie Hegarty (BBH), which was responsible for the One To One TV campaign. Joseph says the record company wanted to avoid the usual greatest hits commercials that comprise a string of five song clips and a famous voice-over to reflect the special nature of the project. 'I wanted it to look like a TV commercial as a brand and the Bee Gees are one of the biggest brands there is," he says. Polydor is issuing to radio a four- track EP of the newly-recorded songs, while a DJ-only club 12-inch has also been produced and includes Night Fever and You Should Be Dancing. Meanwhile, Polydor has at its disposal a number of TV programmes to back the album's promotion, including The Bee Gees story, which was screened at the end of the summer by Carlton in the UK and is now in the process of being placed with broadcasters around the world. Polydor director of international Greg Sambrook notes, 'With One Night Only, there were a lot of phases internationally. Every time we got the TV piece shown sales just shot up and we block-booked advertising around it." There is no confirmation yet of the Bee Gees' own involvement in the promotion for the album, although there is speculation it could include an event before Christmas and possible live dates during next year. Their role will only enhance sales of a project which Polydor is convinced will be in the region of 10m plus.

"The Record" CD: official confirmation (October 11, 2001)

As previously (exclusively) anticipated by "Bee Gees Italy" (see the news of September 20,2001)the new Bee Gees greatest hits collection, the double CD called "The Record, Their Greatest Hits" will include forty songs. Now the CD songlist it's officially confirmed. As we anticipated, in the CD wi will find 4 unreleased tracks: "Emotion", "Heartbreaker", "Islands in the stream" and "Immortality" (original demo version).
The album will also contain a 16 page booklet with photos from five decades. It seems that in Italy (and maybe in other countries) the album will be released on 12 november 2001, while the worldwide release is planned for 20 november 2001.
Here is the complete tracklisting.
DISC 1: 1 New York Mining Disaster 2 To Love Somebody 3 Holiday 4 Massachusetts 5 World 6 Words 7 I've Gotta Get A Message To You 8 I Started A Joke 9 First Of May 10 Saved By The Bell 11 Don't Forget To Remember 12 Lonely Days 13 How Can You Mend A Broken Heart 14 Run To Me 15 Jive Talkin' 16 Nights On Broadway 17 Fanny (Be Tender With My Love) 18 Love So Right 19 If I Can't Have You 20 Love Me 21 You should Be Dancing.
DISC 2: 1 Stayin' Alive 2 How Deep Is Your Love 3 Night Fever 4 More Than A Woman 5 Emotion (THEIR UNRELEASED VERSION) 6 Too Much Heaven 7 Tragedy 8 Love You Inside Out 9 Guilty (Barbara Streisand with Barry Gibb, the edit version) 10 Heartbreaker (THEIR UNRELEASED VERSION) 11 Islands In The Stream (THEIR UNRELEASED VERSION)12 You Win Again 13 One 14 Secret Love 15 For Whom The Bell Tolls 16 Alone 17 Immortality (ORIGINAL DEMO VERSION) 18 This Is Where I Came In 19 Spicks & Specks.
In the 2 CDs (150 minutes) are included 19 number one singles.
Here are some of the most important The Bee Gees' career accomplishments (from Universal Records):
Sold more than 110 million records worldwide, 7 Grammy Awards and 16 nominations, Induction into The Rock & Roll and Songwriters Halls Of Fame , Only songwriters to have 5 simultaneous Top 10 singles
Wrote and produced 6 straight #1's, 7 platinum and 5 multi-platinum singles ,Over 60 charted hit singles, with their first #1 in 1966
"Saturday Night Fever" is the best selling movie soundtrack ever with 3 #1 hits,10 Lifetime Achievement Awards including a Brit Award, an American Music Award and a World Music Award. Only artist in history to achieve #1 in UK charts in four decades . Barry Gibb has produced 14 #1 records making him the third most successful producer of all time. Their songs have been recorded by artists from Elvis Presley to Janis Joplin to Barbra Streisand and Diana Ross, as well as some of the music industry's latest luminaries like Wyclef Jean, Celine Dion, 'NSYNC , Destiny's Child (currently in the US top 35 with their "Emotion" cover). They rank on the all-time, top-sellers list with The Beatles, Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson .

"Chain Reaction" cover debuts at #2 in UK (September 30, 2001)

The Steps' cover version of "Chain Reaction", the song written by the Bee Gees for Diana Ross in 1986, debuts today at #2 in the UK Top 75 Singles chart. The song, originally written in 1986 and included in the Ross' "Eaten alive" album, is the best selling song for Diana Ross in UK, and brought back Diana Ross to the #1 spot in UK after 16 years. It's the second time the Steps cover a Bee Gees song, the first time was "Tragedy", their biggest hit to date.

News about the new Bee Gees Greatest Hits and world tour (September 20, 2001)

All the following news is not yet officially confirmed, but it seems that:
1) the tentative title of the new greatest hits is "The Record";
2) it will be a double cd, will include 40 songs and will be released worldwide on 12 november 2001;
3) the unreleased tracks are: "Emotion", "Heartbreaker", "Islands in the stream" and "Immortality" (only by the Bee Gees, without Celine).
4) in the album will be included also "Guilty", feat. Barbra Streisand (the edit version);
5) the new world tour, 75 dates, tentatively called "For the record tour", will likely start in march 2002 in South Asia, and then there will be dates UK (may), Europe (june), followed by dates in USA and South America. The tour will end in Oceania in 2003. No precise dates and venues are available at this moment. Further details will be available very soon.

Fan clubs conventions in October (August 8, 2001)

The two major Bee Gees Fan Clubs, BGQ (Bee Gees Quarterly) and BGFC (Bee Gees Fan Club) are arranging two international conventions in October 2001. The BGQ convention will be in Walsall (UK), on 6 October. Click here for details (requires Acrobat Reader). The BGFC meeting will be in Ridderkerk (Holland) on 27 October. Full info here.

Update: error in the UNIVERSAL website, "One night only" certified platinum (July 30, 2001)

According to the RIAA Certifications page, in the Billboard website , the Bee Gees album that was certified platinum on 7/27/2001 is "One night only" and not "This is where I came in", as erratically stated in the the official site of Universal Records, the Bee Gees' label.

"This is where I came in" certified platinum in the U.S.A. (July 30, 2001)

According to the Universal Records official website (the Bee Gee's label), (www.universalrecords.com), the Bee Gee's latest album "This is where I came in" was officially certified platinum (1.000.000 copies sold in the U.S.A.) by the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) on friday 27 july 2001. It ties the "Still Waters" platinum certification ("SW" was certified platinum on 2nd of june, in 1998), while "One night only" went gold (500.000 copies) on 29 january 1999.

"Saturday Night Fever" the musical: Italian premiere in Sicily (July 14, 2001)

The Italian version of the "Saturday Night Fever" ("La Febbre del Sabato Sera") will be nationally premiered in Italy at the prestigious theatrical festival "Taormina Arte", in Taormina (Sicily), on 3 August 2001, at the ancient Greek Theatre. See the details in the Festival Official site. The musical will debut later, on 13 October 2001, at Nazionale Theatre in Milan.

(22 March 2001)— The Bee Gees' new album: Special Week Exclusive in Italy

The most important adult contemporary oriented radio national network "Radio Capital" salutes the release of the new Bee Gees' album with a national exclusive preview. For a week (from monday 26 March) all the fans, in Italy and all over the world will be delighted to listen to the brand new album "This is where I came in". "Bee Gees Italy" is proud to be an important part of this special event, supplying all the picures, the bio notes in the Radio Capital Bee Gees Special pages and special support for the realization of this event. Every day, during all the week, ALL the song of the album will be played. Additional (eventual) features (trivia, competitions, games, fans' interviews or similar) will be announced later. To know more about the Radio Capital's broadcast and simultaneous Web cast, please visit the Radio Capital website. Special thanks: Universal Records Italia, Carlo Mancini, (Radio Capital's AOR) and Paolo De Michele (Radio Capital's internet office).

(21 March 2001)— The Bee Gees live at the BBC: the Billboard review

See the review of the Bee Gees only live show this year in the Billboard Daily News.

(19 March 2001)— The Bee Gees interview in Bilboard

The Billboard website has a five pages interview of the Bee Gees with Timothy White (Billboard's editor in chief). The interview is also included in the Billboard special "Billboard salutes the Bee Gees: 35 years of music", that will be available in the issue of 24 March 2001. More info to order it here. Go to Billboard to read the interview.

(17 March 2001)— The first Bee Gees TV appearance in Europe

The Bee Gees appeared today at the German TV show "Wetten Dass ?" , in Dornbirn, Austria. "Bee Gees Italy" reporters were there to take some exclusive pics!

(13 March 2001)— New single out in Italy

The new single is finally out also in Italy. It was postponed because of the concomitance of the San Remo Festival, the most important (industrial) musical event in Italy."Bee Gees Italy" webmaster had the opportunity to listen as a preview the Bee Gees' new album and review it.

(5 March 2001)— The new single is out

Today is the release date in some European countries (Germany and Holland among this) of the Bee Gees' new single "This is where I came in".The single is available also as a maxi cd-single (POLYDOR 589772) and includes the following tracks: 1)"This is where I came in" (single version)
2)"I will be there"
3)"Just in case"
4)"This is where I came in" (enhanced video track)
The regular version of the single includes:
1)"This is where I came in" (single version)
2)"I will be there"
Another version of the cd single (not available at the moment) includes: 1) "This is where I came in" (Radio edit)
2) "This is where I came in" (DJ DOMINO remix)
And in the CD NOW website is avalaible the vinyl version (12").

(24 February 2001)— News and pictures of the new album and single

See the new album and single details and promotional pictures

(22 February 2001)— Promotion news (update)

The Bee Gees will be in the U.K. for two promotional appearances: Radio Two concert (40 minutes live show) taping on March 20 (for broadcast March 31) and an appearance on the Parkinson Show (March 24). Other appearances (source: Maurice Gibb told the fans) will follow in Germany and in other European countries.

(7 February 2001)— Promotion news

The Bee Gees will perform the new single "This is where I came in" at the German "Wetten Dass" show. The show will be recorded on March 17th in Dornbirn, Austria. Other promotional appearances are planned for U.K.in march, but details are not available at this moment. A promo of new single was shipped to all the German radio stations (1 February 2001) and should be released (only for radio) in other European countries in the second half of this month. According to German sources, the videoclip of the new single may be premiered in these weeks in the major German music TV networks. In the meantime, same sources say that the new video clip is very funny, showing the brothers in a camper van...
The commercial release of the single in Europe seemed to be confirmed on 5 March 2001, but U.K. sources and stores announced that the exact release date (for U.K.) is 26 March.

(4 February 2001)— "The wedding day" on "Providence"

"The wedding day", a song taken from the upcoming Bee Gees' new album "This is where I came in", has been broadcasted in U.S.A, in the NBC's TV show "Providence". In the NBC website there was also a little picture of the cover of the new album, that should be released in U.S.A. on 17 April 2001.

(3 February 2001)— The new album and single: covers and details

The cover of the new single as seen on the Ebay website (in a auction for a promo copy)

The cover of the new album (NBCi.com)

The new Bee Gees' album, "This is where I came in", should include the following new songs:
"She Keeps On Coming"
"This Is Where I Came In""
"Sacred Trust"
"The Wedding Day"
"Deja Vu"
"Man In The Middle"
"Technicolor Dreams"
"Voice In The Wilderness"
"The Extra Mile"
The U.K. and Japanese version of the album is reported to have 14 tracks on board, differently than the European version, that should include 12 tracks (the ten above and other two). In every single will be included a bonus track not included (possibly) in any version of the album.


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