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News 2000

(31 December 2000)— The Bee Gees' new single listened in Germany

"This is where I came in", the Bee Gees' first single from the upcoming self-titled brand new album, was airplayed in the most important German radio stations. The song was introducted by Maurice Gibb wishing an happy new year.

(7 November 2000)— The cover (in Spanish) of "Run to me" top the Billboard's "Hot Latin tracks"

"Vieni a mi", Oscar De La Hoya's Spanish cover version of the Bee Gees classic "Run to me" topped the Billboard's "Hot Latin tracks" chart. The song is very popular in the Latin U.S. community , and De La Hoya appeared in several TV shows in U.S. The self titled album reached # 2 in the Billboard "Latin 50 albums" chart. The English version entered the top 30 in the Billboard "Adult Top 40" chart.

(2 November 2000)— Comments to the new Biography book

Unofficial and press sources report some comments to the "Tales Of The Brothers Gibb". According to these sources the personal manager Dick Ashby stated he ignores the book at all, not having seen even a pre-release copy of it. Later he officially denied this (alleged) statement. According to a British newspaper Robin Gibb declared his complete disappointment for the book, and for the lack of control the Brothers seem to have in the releasing (by others) of news regarding their lives and career. It seem he also said that the Bee Gees are planning the release of a new auto (or authorized) biography.

(1 November 2000)— BMI Award for the Bee Gees

The Bee Gees received the BMI Award for 4 million plays of "To Love Somebody". Robin Gibb attended the ceremony at the Dorchester Hotel in London. They received some years ago other similars awards (i.e. for "Stayin'Alive" and "How can you mend a broken heart").

(16 October 2000)— New Bee Gees long awaited bio finally released

"Tales Of The Brothers Gibb", the brand new Bee Gees biography book was finally released today in Great Britain. The 600 pages hardcover book is, according to "Bee Gees Italy"'s editor, absolutely a must for everyone (fan or not) that want to know more about the Brothers Gibb. The book is very well written by the autors Hector Cook , Andrew Mτn Hughes and Melinda Bilyeu, assisted by Joe Brennan and Mark Crohan. The focus of the effort is to give an objective view of the Bee Gees career.

(20 September 2000)— New album (maybe) finished

Official sources say that the work for the new album is now over. The album, which definite title may be "This is where I came in" is scheduled for a february European release, anticipated by the new single, (it seems) the title track.

(30 August 2000)— New Video Biography in the making

A new Bee Gees 90 minutes video biography by A&E is being produced. It is directed by David Leaf (that wrote the 1978 biography) and John Scheinfeld. The video will be aired later this year in U.S. and will be released on home video and DVD, surely next year.

(5 August 2000)— No Olympics for the Bee Gees

Since the new album release is postponed to 2001, the Bee Gees decided to pass on their Sidney Olympics appearance.

(31 July 2000)— The Gibb song is not in the Keating new album and the VH1 tribute will be re-scheduled

Hard times for the Bee Gees fans. Waiting for the new album they hoped to hear a brand new Gibb composition , the largely anticipated "Lovers and Friends", to be included in the debut solo album by Ronan Keating. The very disappointing news is that the song (incredibly) was not included in the album, even if the Gibb are credited in the album notes and in the Keating's official website Barry Gibb is mentioned as a one of the album songwriters. In the same days it was confirmed that the VH1 tribute has been re-scheduled to an indefinite date, due to the delay of the release of the new album.

(12 July 2000)— New Bee Gees album: details and ... delay

"This is where I came in" could be the title of the new Bee Gees album, originally due for an october release, but now postponed for release in 2001. Sources (BGQ) say that there's still a little chance for a split release (november 2000 in Europe). Thanking to the great work of the BGQ team, we are able to know some of the titles of the song that could be included in the new release. Some of these : "The Wedding Day", "Deja Vu", "Man in the Middle" and "This is where I came in" , that could be also the first single taken from the album. For more details about the album and for more Bee Gees news you better join the official Bee Gees fan club "Bee Gees Quarterly".

(20 June 2000)— The New Bee Gees Biography: details

Hector Cook , Andrew Mτn Hughes and Melinda Bilyeu are the authors of "Tales Of The Brothers Gibb", the ultimate complete Bee Gees/Andy Gibb Biography. The editor of the book is Omnibus Press. "Tales Of The Brothers Gibb" also includes 32 pages of photos from the Forties to the present day, the vast majority of which have never been previously published. It will be available in good bookshops in hardback (priced £20) from Monday, 16th October.
Read more about this great book

(8 June 2000)— The Bee Gees in Sidney Olympics

The Bee Gees were invited to partecipate to the closing ceremonies of the 2000 Olympics, in the Olympic Stadium in Sydney, on October 1st.

(7 June 2000)— VH1 salutes the Bee Gees (??)

According to BBC Radio 1, Radio Capital (London), news agencies and some music news websites, the Bee Gees should be honoured by VH1 in a star-studded tribute concert in London. In the first release of the news were indicated also the date of the event, monday August 14, and the venue, the Brixton Academy in London. According to these sources the Brothers Gibb had to be joined on stage by a string of major singers and acts for the opening show in the channel's VH1 Salutes series. The event would be broadcast worldwide in September. Unfortunately the news was not officially confirmed and sources from BGQ invited the fans to wait for the official announcements, before to make any plans to (eventually) try to attend the event.
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(20 May 2000)— New album on the mixing

The new Bee Gees album, scheduled for an October release, will be mixed in the middle of june. According to Launch.com (the online news agency), 11 songs have been completed for the project. Sources (BGQ fan club) said that there are more songs completed but still no choose have been made for the ones that will be included in the new set, that is still untitled.

(10 May 2000)— Gibb songs for other artists

The Bee Gees gave one of their compositions to the Australian singer Col Joye. The previously unreleased song will be included in Col's new album and is called "Love Is Blind". As largely anticipated another Bee Gees' song, "Lovers and Friends", will be included in the upcoming new solo album from Ronan Keating of the Boyzone. The album will be called simply "Ronan" and will be released on 31 July 2000. Keating was particularly glad for the collaboration with the Gibbs. "Working with Barry and Maurice Gibb was a hugely memorable experience. Meeting those guys inspires me to try to make music for the rest of my life", he stated in an interview.

(30 April 2000)— Spencer Gibb's band "54 Seconds"

Spencer Gibb (son of Robin) is a member of a band called "54 Seconds". The group members of this band are: Spencer Gibb ( vocal and guitar), J.J. Johnson (drums, vocals), Stewart Cochran ( piano, synthesiser, keyboard, vocal), Glenn McGregor (bass). The band was formed in 1998. They made several concerts in Austin, Texas. If you are interested on their music or you want to support them please visit 54seconds.com .

(18 April 2000)— Bee Gees Covered By Chumbawamba

British anarchist band Chumbawamba, who had a big hit in 1997 with "Tubthumping," have recorded a version of the early Bee Gees hit "New York Mining Disaster 1941." The track, which is featured on the group's new album "WYSIWYG", is done a capella. A Real Audio sample of the cover song is available on MTV Online. Chumbawamba guitarist Boff told MTV that the Bee Gees have promised to cover one of the songs on "WYSIWYG" to return the favor. A spokesperson for the Brothers Gibb, called for comment, said the Bee Gees have never met Chumbawamba, so no promises have been made. Spokerperson added that anyway Barry, Robin and Maurice "are flattered that the younger band chose to record one of their older songs".

(3 March 2000)— Steven Gibb in a band with Nikki Sixx (Motley Crue)

Steven Gibb, the elder son of Barry Gibb, has signed a contract with Americoma Records, the new label owned by Nikki Sixx (Motley Crue). Steven is a member of the band called "58". The title of the first album of the band is "Diet for a new America". The other members of the band are Sixx, David Darling (Boxing Ghandis) and Bucket, very known sessionman from Los Angeles. According to Sixx, the sound of the band is between "Zooropa" (U2) and "Diamond dogs" (David Bowie).

(25 February 2000)— The Backstreet Boys pay a little tribute to the Bee Gees at the Grammys

The Backstreet Boys, performing live at the Grammy Awards ceremony on February 23rd, opened up their tribute to the past winners' segment with a little of "How Deep Is Your Love". With this song, the Bee Gees won the Grammy Award in 1977 for the Best Pop Vocal Performance, Group.

(14 February 2000)— Postponed the new album and concerts

The release of the new album, originally planned for the first quarter of 2000, is now postponed to the last quarter of the year. The delay reasons seem to be strictly due to the fact that the making of the album is not finished yet. Even the concerts will be re-scheduled. They were originally anticipated for the next summer in Europe. Equally, any special events or appearances will be scheduled near the time of the release of the album.

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