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News 1998: Fast Rewind

Major chart hits ...

"One night only" (Bee Gees): Extimated 2,5 millions albums sold worldwile (I suppose more of 3 millions). # 1 in Argentina and New Zealand, # 2 in the Official Eurochart, # 3 debut in UK in September.
"Immortality" (Celine Dion and the Bee Gees): # 2 in UK and Germany and top 10 in the Official Eurochart.
"Tragedy" (Steps) # 2 in UK (top 10 in the UK chart for two consecutive months), and top 10 in the Official Eurochart.
"More than a woman" (911) # 3 in UK and top 30 in the Official Eurochart.
"Night Fever" (Adam Garcia): top 15 in UK.
"Ghetto Supastar" (rap version of "Island in the Stream") : top 15 in USA, #1 in several countries and # 1 the Official Eurochart for various consecutive weeks).

Bee Gees Live shows...

The Bee Gees played a number of "one night only" (one-off) live concerts around the world. The first concert took place in Dublin RDS Arena on August 29th. The second show was at London's Wembley Stadium on September 5th. (I was there!!).
On October 17th, the Brothers did their first concert ever in South America. They played at the Boca Junior Stadium in Buenos Aires. On November 28th, there was their first time show in South Africa, (Pretoria).

Things to remember...

In October I began to work on a project I had in mind for 2 years: the first Italian website dedicated to the Bee Gees. I opened "Bee Gees Italy", on November, 15. The reactions have been very warm, and I'm very happy and proud to see that there are almost 6000 visits in only three months and a half. Thanks to all of you!

On December 1, I had the big honour to be appointed as Italian Representative of BGI, the older European fan club and one of the most important Bee Gees appreciation society.

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