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The Bee Gees - Robin, Barry e Maurice Gibb

Bee Gees Italy is the first Italian website dedicated to the Bee Gees, the musical group founded in the mid-sixties by three English brothers: Barry, Robin e Maurice Gibb. The Bee Gees are undoubtedly one of the most appreciated bands of the pop music scene (and long-lived, as they have been in it for more than forty years). Pop (popular music) is tipically the kind of music accessible to the general public, and very often it is heavily influenced by other music genres, like the strict "easy listening" one, but also by rock, rithm'n'blues, dance, country, folk and sometimes even by classical music. The music of the brothers Gibb, of course, isn't different, and it is, on the contrary, an elegant, original and sage blend of all of the mentioned influences.
On 15 november 1998 "Bee Gees Italy" made its own debut on the internet to pay the right tribute to one of the most extraordinary and talented songwriting teams of the music history and, at the same time, to be an important "virtual meeting point" for all the fans of the Brothers Gibb all over the world, by using an innovative and effective communication tool: the internet.
After 12 years, we can surely assert that both the two goals have been widely reached, and, as they were the founding causes of the "Bee Gees Italy" project, they are (and will be) the essential reasons to go on.

Enzo Lo Piccolo
Bee Gees Italy founder and webmaster

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