"The Record - Their Greatest Hits"

the cover of The record Disc 1*:
New York mining disaster 1941 (1967), To love somebody (1967)
Holiday (1967), Massachusetts (1967),World (1967), Words (1968), I've gotta get a message to you (1968), I started a joke (1968), First of May (1969), Saved by the bell (1969), Don't forget to remember (1969), Lonely days (1970), How can you mend a broken heart (1971), Run to me (1972), Jive talkin' (1975), Nights on Broadway (1975), Fanny (be tender with my love) (1975), Love so right (1975), If I can't have you (1977), Love me (1976), You should be dancing (1976)
Disc 2:
Stayin' alive (1977), How deep is your love (1977), Night fever (1977), More than a woman (1977), Emotion (1978), Too much heaven (1978), Tragedy (1979), Love you inside out (1979), Guilty (1980) ( Barry Gibb & Barbra Streisand), Heartbreaker (1982), Islands in the stream (1983), You win again (1987), One (1989), Secret love (1991), For whom the bell tolls (1993), Alone (1997), Immortality (1997), This is where I came in (2001), Spicks and specks (1966)
*in same countries (i.e. in UK) are included 2 bonus tracks, "Jumbo" and"My world".

Seven months after the studio album"This is where I came in", a brand new Bee Gees greatest hits is released (in Italy on friday 9 november). Learn more about this definitive collection with a help from the Bee Gees label, Universal Records.

Official liner notes (from beegees.net):
"The Bee Gees ability to change with the times is remarkable. In the sixties, they were classy harmonising popsters with a penchant for a big tuneful ballad; during the seventies they completely re-invented themselves with contemporary dance grooves, funky synths and falsetto vocals. In the wake of Saturday Night Fever, the biggest selling soundtrack album of all time, the brothers turned their attention to writing forother artists including the Woman In Love album for Barbra Streisand (US and UK No1), Islands In The Stream for Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton (US No1), Chain Reaction for Diana Ross (UK No1) and Dionne Warwick’s comeback smash Heartbreaker. Barry Gibb produced these records with his team earning him the rating as All-Time No3 Record Producer with the most No1 Records (14) to his credit. Since the 1967 release of their first international hit, New York Mining Disaster, Bee Gees songs have topped the charts in five successive decades. They are the only group to have placed five singles simultaneously in the US Top 10, and to have monopolised the US charts with six consecutive No1s. Seven Grammies, a BRIT Award for Outstanding Contribution To Music and 10 Lifetime Achievement Awards have contributed to earning the band honoured places in both the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame and the Songwriters Hall Of Fame. Understandably, many top artists reserve the utmost respect for the Brothers Gibb but the way in which their songs have transcended generations is virtually unique. Megastars as diverse as Bono of U2, Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys, Noel Gallagher of Oasis, and Destiny’s Child, have expressed their admiration for the trio of Man-cunian tearaways who grew up to dominate the world’s music charts. Delivering another No1, You Win Again, under their own name in the eighties, the Bee Gees proved they could still keep pace with the latest sounds, and in the 90s and the new millennium their flag was hoist aloft by a raft of younger acts who realised that truly great songs never die. N-Trance took Stayin’ Alive to No1 in Canada, Pras Michel morphed Islands In The Stream into Ghetto Supastar (US No1), Take That ended their career with UK No1 version of How Deep Is Your Love, Boyzone covered Words (UK No1) and Steps covered Tragedy (UK No1) and Chain Reaction. In 2001 Destiny’s Child released Emotion, 24 years after Samantha Sang made it a worldwide No1. In all, more than 500 cover versions of Gibb songs have been recorded by other artists. Impressive as all of this is, the Bee Gees music is about much more than sales and awards. This group has provided the soundtrack to countless thousands of lives by writing the songs which bring lovers together, console the heartbroken, lift happy spirits even higher and cause young and old alike to get out on the floor, strut that stuff and forget, for a few precious moments, whatever cares might be troubling them."

Press Release , November 12, 2001 (from beegeesonline.com):
In November 1978, the Bee Gees released the single Too Much Heaven as a flagship for the UNICEF benefit concert, "A Gift of Song", which they instigated and organized with Robert Stigwood. Since that time, the royalties generated from this #1 smash have gone to UNICEF, along with donations from other "A Gift of Song" participants such as ABBA, Olivia Newton-John, Rod Stewart, Fleetwood Mac and other legendary artists. UNICEF is one of the worlds largest international charities, it benefits needy children around the globe. More than $15 million has been raised for UNICEF in this effort. Today the effort continues, thanks in part to the forthcoming November 20th release of Bee Gees: Their Greatest Hits: The Record, which includes Too Much Heaven as one of the 40-track, 2 CD collection. As a result, the song is expected to raise another huge sum for UNICEF’s fight to support the children of Afghanistan and other disadvantaged areas. "While there are many victims in the struggle that we find our world in today," said Robin Gibb, "my brothers and I have always had a soft-spot for the children. UNICEF has been a great friend and partner for us over the years and we’re confident that they can use whatever monies are raised to provide the children of Afghanistan with food, shelter and proper medical care." UNICEF works for the survival of, protection and development of children worldwide through education, advocacy and fundraising. The organization provides Afghan children with vital goods and services such as therapeutic feeding; clothing, shoes and blankets; medicines; basic immunizations; educational materials; family survival kits (utensils, tenting, cooking materials); and water purification tablets. Over the course of their 5-decade long career the Bee Gees have sold over 110 million records, had 19 #1 singles and have had a huge impact on popular culture. Considered by many as pop music’s first family, their songs have provided the soundtrack for generations. They have withstood the test of time by blazing musical trails, creating a legacy of lush love songs to funky dance grooves, all with the unique Bee Gees vocal signature.

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