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"Spero che saremo ricordati come tre persone che hanno reso tanta gente felice con la musica e dato loro piacevoli ricordi".
(Maurice Gibb)

Di seguito tutti gli interventi pubblicati sul sito, in ordine cronologico.
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sundaytimes Barry e Robin Gibb hanno programmato una serie di apparizioni televisive (delle quali alcune in diretta dal vivo) ed una serie di interviste in concomitanza con l'uscita della raccolta "Ultimate Bee Gees", prevista per il prossimo 2 novembre. Lo scorso 24 ottobre l'edizione domenicale del quotidiano inglese "Times" (Sunday Times) ha pubblicato un'intervista ai due fratelli. L'intervista (ed un sondaggio) è disponibile su

Si inizia Il 31 ottobre con la presenza nella popolare trasmissione televisiva inglese "Strictly come dancing", in onda su BBC1 a partire dalle 19.50. La trasmissione dovrebbe essere disponibile tramite l'iPlayer del sito della BBC ( ) . Barry e Robin canteranno dal vivo in diretta "You should be dancing".

Il giorno 1 novembre i fratelli Gibb appariranno sulla CBS, nel corso del programma "Sunday Morning", che prevederà una sezione dedicata ai Bee Gees, con un'intervista (registrata) a Barry e Robin.

Il 3 novembre sarà la volta di due interviste televisive trasmesse in Inghilterra. La mattina si inizia con la televisione inglese ITV, sul canale GMTV (l'intervista sarà poi disponibile sul sito web del canale televisivo ( ) . Durante il pomeriggio SKY UK trasmetterà un'altra intervista con i due Gibb. Si tratta in entrambi i casi di interviste pre-registrate.

Un'altra apparizione (questa volta dal vivo ed in diretta TV) è prevista il 17 novembre,  quando Robin e Barry si esibiranno nel corso del seguitissimo show della televisione americana ABC, "Dancing with the stars".

Il 18 novembre la televisione tedesca Kabel Eins dedicherà la popolare trasmissione "Number One!" ai Bee Gees, e nel corso del programma sarà trasmessa una intervista (registrata) a Robin e Barry. Recentemente "Number One!" ha visto le presenze degli U2 e dei Bon Jovi.

I Gibb hanno inoltre concesso altre interviste in Inghilterra (Daily Mirror e Daily Telegraph), in Germania (Welt Am Sontag, Bunte, ZDF radio e Cable One), Australia (Sunrise), USA (saranno in seguito precisate) e Giappone (Nihon TV, Fugi TV, Music e Nikkei).

Secondo quanto dichiarato da Robin, Barry è arrivato il 28 ottobre in Inghilterra, dove resterà per quasi due settimane. I due Gibb concederanno altre interviste (giornali, radio e TV) proprio in questi giorni in cui anche Barry sarà in Inghilterra. Ulteriori dettagli su queste interviste ed altre iniziative di Robin e Barry saranno rese note quanto prima.

(Fonti: ,, google news )

Barry and Robin: TV and interviews to promote "Ultimate Bee Gees"

Barry and Robin Gibb have planned a series of television appearances (some live) and a series of interviews in conjunction with the release of the "Ultimate Bee Gees" collection, planned for the next 2 November. The last 24 October the sunday edition of the English newspaper "Times" (Sunday Times) has published an interview with two brothers. The interview (and a Bee Gees poll) is available on

You begin on 31 October with the presence in the English popular broadcast  "Strictly as dancing" aired on BBC1 from 19.50 (GMT +1) . The show should be available through the site of the BBC iPlayer ( . Barry and Robin will sing live "You should be dancing".

Day 1 November, Gibb brothers will appear on the CBS during the "Sunday Morning" programme, that will provide a section dedicated to the Bee Gees, with an interview (pretaped) Barry and Robin.

3 November will be the time of two television interviews transmitted in England. The morning begins with English television ITV, channel GMTV (the interview is then available on the website of the television channel ( During the afternoon SKY UK will pass an interview with the two Gibb. It is in both cases of pretaped interviews.

An appearance (this time live in TV) is planned on 17 November, when Robin and Barry perform ongoing very popular American television ABC show, "Dancing with the stars" .

On 18 November German television Kabel Eins will dedicate the popular transmission "Number One!" to the Bee Gees, and in the course of the show will be aired an interview (registered) with Robin and Barry. "Number One!" has recently dedicated to U2 and Bon Jovi.

The Gibb have also granted other interviews in England (Daily Mirror and Daily Telegraph), Germany (Welt Am Sontag, Bunte, radio ZDF and Cable One), Australia (Sunrise), USA (will be soon specified) and in Japan (Nihon TV, Fugi TV, Music and Nikkei).

As stated by Robin, Barry arrived on  28 October in England, where will remain for almost two weeks. The two Gibb will grant other interviews (newspapers, radio and TV) precisely in these days where Barry will be in England. Details about these interviews and other initiatives of Robin and Barry will be disclosed as soon as possible.


"The Bee Gees: 50 years on - Robin and Barry Gibb talk about 50 years of the band, from tragedy to how they changed the world" (Rob Fitzpatrick, Times)

ult Robin and Barry Gibb are so overpoweringly familiar that just sitting opposite them feels odd. Robin, now 59 and still pencil-thin, is the sharper, the more protective of the two. Robin's the one you can imagine having an actual stand-up fight in defence of the Bee Gees' good name, while Barry, 63, seems rather more relaxed, beatific even, his snow-white hair artfully draped over his shoulders, a small smile never far from his lips.

The pair arrange themselves on the long black sofas at the back of Studio A at Hit Factory, in Miami, looking entirely at home. Of course, they should do - in the mid-1970s, Barry, Robin and their late brother, Maurice, pretty much moved in here to create some of the biggest-selling records of all time.

By that time, they had already enjoyed enormous success as a neo-psychedelic pop-rock group signed to the same management company as the Beatles. Then they had split. Then they had suffered three full years without a single hit. It's a long, long way from being in such a crushing slump that you're reduced to banging out gags between your oldies in a Yorkshire variety club to writing and recording a soundtrack album that sells in excess of 30m copies, but the Bee Gees made that journey in just three years.

The soundtrack to Saturday Night Fever made the Bee Gees as famous as it is possible for a human being to be. So famous, in fact, that they were easy to mock - Hair! Teeth! Chest wigs! - easy to make a joke out of. Yet 50 years after they began singing together at home in Manchester, a lot of their music still sounds utterly remarkable, whether it's the late-1960s hipster Bee Gees of albums such as Idea and Horizontal ("Oasis absolutely love that record," Robin says proudly), the global-superstar Bee Gees of Nights on Broadway, You Should Be Dancing and Jive Talkin', or the radio-eating, grown-up super-pop Bee Gees of How Deep Is Your Love or You Win Again. There is a reason that their catalogue of songs is one of the most profitable in pop history.

"It's taken us six years to come back from Maurice's death," Barry says. "His passing scattered everything to the wind. Robin drove himself on, but I couldn't find the passion, I couldn't force anything else out. I thought we were done."

"Ours is such a long story," says Robin, a glass of water in front of him. "But when we were young, the only risk was not taking the risk. We always knew we'd win it if we were in it..."

Products of a show-business home - their father, Hugh, was a band-leader who met their mother, Barbara, at one of his gigs - the Gibb brothers began singing together in cinemas while growing up in Manchester. In 1958, the family emigrated to Australia, and the three boys began performing professionally, playing pubs and speedways, singing on TV, even doing pantomime. Four years later, they would leave Australia by boat, spending three months working their passage to England. While on board, their single Spicks and Specks - their 13th stab at a hit - went to No 1 back home. The Bee Gees arrived in Southampton in February 1967 - three weeks later, they'd signed a five-year management deal with Robert Stigwood, the director of NEMS Enterprises, a company owned by the manager of the Beatles, Brian Epstein.

"We had a blind belief in ourselves," Robin says, laughing suddenly. "Luckily, we were also blind to the immense amount of competition there was."

"We were pretty bad then," Barry says. "But we were fearless."

Stigwood insisted on a group, so the brothers' Australian friends Vince Maloney and Colin Peterson were hired. They signed a deal with Polydor and delivered a huge hit, New York Mining Disaster 1941. The band's debut LP, Bee Gees 1st, was a critical and commercial smash. Wonderfully picturesque songs such as Harry Braff and Every Christian Lion-Hearted Man Will Show You pointed clearly towards a Britpop sound still 30 years in the future. Just teenagers, the brothers became part of the pop royalty of the day.

"We went to nightclubs like the Cromwellian and the Bag O' Nails," Robin says. "I liked the Speakeasy - when you went down the stairs, there was this coffin at the bottom. If you had your membership card, the wall would turn around and you went in."

"The Beatles and the Stones would sit around like kings," Barry says. "And we became part of that scene."

In 1969, the Bee Gees released the double-LP epic Odessa, an album so rich in fantastic songs and ideas - Melody Fair, "an Eleanor Rigby sort of thing", is brilliantly dramatic, while Whisper Whisper is surely the sharpest, most morally complex song ever written about a drug-dealer - that, 40 years later, it remains a remarkable document to free-spirited creativity.

"Odessa was our madness," Robin says. "We were recording in the studio the Beatles had been in, and we were unafraid to work with whatever came into our heads." Sadly, more progressive recordings were scaring off their fan base. Arguments followed and the brothers fell out. "There are periods even Robin and I don't talk about," Barry says. "That's one of them."

Between 1970 and 1975, the Bee Gees scored only a handful of hits. It was the opening track of 1975's Main Course record that pushed the brothers into a whole new stratosphere of fame and success. Jive Talkin' was an immediate, huge hit in America and Britain, as was the follow-up, Nights on Broadway, which featured Barry's crystalline falsetto. Their next album, Children of the World,went platinum, with You Should Be Dancing kicking off a string of hits.


The brothers were recording in France when Stigwood called to ask if they would be interested in creating the soundtrack to a new - as yet untitled - film. Six or seven songs should do it, he told them. Oh, and could they come up with a title for it?


"You never really know if something's a hit or not," Barry says. "Apart from Staying Alive. When we played it to George Martin really early on, he took two steps backwards and said, 'My God! I've never heard anything like it!'"

The film was 1977's Saturday Night Fever, and the album produced six No 1 hits. Night Fever was the Bee Gees' first UK No 1 for a decade. Soon, one out of every seven families in America would own a copy. "Fever introduced the most creative recording period in our lives," Barry says. "The following five years, we had a ball. We were the biggest thing around."

"This was the peak of record sales in all of history," Robin says. "Since 1967, there have only been three albums that have truly affected the culture, and that's Sgt Pepper, Fever and Thriller. There's not many people who know what that feels like. We're like the guys who've been to the moon."

"John Lennon said he wished he'd got a song like Fever," Barry says. "But we were under fire straight after. We became the people who had to be punished, so we gave our best songs to other people to secure our reputation as songwriters."

By the end of the 1970s, the Bee Gees were involved in a multi-million-dollar lawsuit with Stigwood, and they stopped recording as a group. Barry wrote Guilty for Barbra Streisand and Heartbreaker for Dionne Warwick, while the brothers came together to write Islands in the Stream for Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton, as well as creating the startling Chain Reaction for Diana Ross. No new Bee Gees album would emerge until ESP - and the hit You Win Again - in 1987, their first UK No 1 for eight years. The 20th - and, to date, last - Bee Gees album, This Is Where I Came In, had definite echoes of their late-1960s pop-rock glories and was released in 2001.

"We've made some of the best records of all time," Robin says as a Japanese film crew prepares for his arrival next door. "And that's because we're not afraid of trying new things. We're only really afraid of losing an idea."

Would they like to start again? "God, no!" Robin laughs out loud. "Pop music used to be so much more gregarious, more flamboyant. Today, it's so conservative."

"We've had incredible happiness and incredible sadness in our lives," Barry says. "But we know there are songs we have written that will always touch people."

(Sources: ,, google news )

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Sono passati 11 anni dal 15 novembre 1998, quando "Bee Gees Italy", il sito italiano dei Bee Gees, esordiva nel web.

Un grande ringraziamento va ai tantissimi visitatori che continuano ad apprezzare questo sito!

Bee Gees Italy is 11 today

11 years ago (15 november 1998), the Italian Bee Gees website ("Bee Gees Italy") entered the internet.

Many thanks to all the visitors that appreciate this website!

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12 gennaio 2003: Maurice Gibb muore a Miami.

Vedi "Man in the middle" - In memoria di Maurice Gibb":

ed i tributi della sezione del forum di Bee Gees Italy dedicata a Maurice:

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La copertina di Live at the GewandhausRegistrato dal vivo in Germania (Lipsia) nel marzo 2008, questo ottimo doppio album dei Tree Gees, tribute band italiana dei Bee Gees, si caratterizza per un elevatissimo livello qualitativo globale. Partendo dalla musica (elemento ovviamente fondamentale) si arriva al package del cd, di ottima fattura, degno di un prodotto realizzato dalle major internazionali. 
La registrazione del concerto ed le opere di post-produzione (remix e remastering) sono effettuate in maniera davvero egregia e la cosa è percepibile sin dal primo ascolto. “Live at the Gewandhaus” è un tributo genuino, rispettoso e direi affettuoso alla musica dei fratelli Gibb.
Nel concerto, che ripercorre l’intera storia musicale dei Gibb, sono presenti anche alcuni momenti dedicati ad Andy Gibb (“Shadow Dancing”) ed alle produzioni dei Gibb per altri artisti (“Guilty” ed “Immortality”).
Non bisogna neanche essere un grandissimo conoscitore dei Bee Gees, tuttavia, per comprendere che “Live at the Gewandhaus” si ispira in maniera compiuta a quello che è probabilmente il migliore album dal vivo dei Bee Gees, il mitico “Here…at last…Bee Gees Live” del 1977. Si ritrova in questo tributo dei Tree Gees parte del feeling  e della fresca energia di quell’album, che ovviamente è molto più vibrante rispetto al compassato (ma altrettanto importante) “One night only” (1997), che è comunque l’album dal vivo dei Bee Gees più venduto, con i suoi quasi sei milioni di copie in tutto il mondo.
I Tree Gees (Alex Sammarini – voce solista e chitarra, Paolo Amati – Basso e cori, Franz Bancalari – Tastiera e cori e l’ottimo Ezio Zaccagnini alla batteria) coadiuvati dalla cantante tedesca Xenia Lane in “Guilty” ed “Immortality”, interpretano in maniera egregia i classici dei Gibb, e si nota con piacere un accurato studio vocale posto in essere per riprodurre nella maniera più fedele possibile alcune peculiarità del falsetto e delle voci naturali sia di Barry che di Robin Gibb.
"Live" merita un voto elevato anche  sotto il profilo non strettamente vocale, quindi per quanto riguarda il team strumentale e gli arrangiamenti. Molto facile da comprendere, quando si pensa che i Tree Gees sono quattro esperti musicisti, noti sulla scena musicale nazionale per avere suonato con artisti del calibro di Gianni Morandi, Massimo Ranieri , Giorgia o Ron, solo per citare quelli che vengono prima in mente.
Davvero solo per trovare il pelo nell’uovo si può affettuosamente criticare l’eccesso di perfezione di alcune post-produzioni (fra tutte come esempio la intro di “You win again”), che sebbene sono sempre lodevoli tentativi di ricreare al massimo le sonorità originali dei Bee Gees, finiscono forse per togliere un parte di spontaneità. Ma tutto sommato ci può stare…
Come detto sopra il package del cd (con tanto di poster ripiegabile dei Tree Gees all’interno) è di altissimo livello ed una nota particolare di apprezzamento è riservata a Milvia Vincenzini (suo il design anche del gradevolissimo sito dei Tree Gees) ed alla sua splendida cover art, caratterizzata da un uso accattivante di fotografie della band, sapientemente intervallate da varie altre foto e disegni.      
In conclusione credo “Live at the Gewandhaus” faccia doppiamente fatto centro, perchè ascoltandolo, oltre a sperare che Barry e Robin Gibb (e/o il loro management e/o la loro casa discografica) possano regalarci altre preziose ed inedite briciole della loro arte compositiva e/o canora,  viene anche la voglia (nel frattempo) di andare a vedere un bel concerto dei Tree Gees!  

Enzo Lo Piccolo

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Myth La pubblicazione del cofanetto "Mithology" (4 cd, ognuno dei quali dedicato ai quattro fratelli Gibb) è stata rinviata al 15 novembre 2010.

Secondo quanto afferma Robin Gibb nella newsletter di, la causa di tale rinvio è dovuta al fatto che in questo modo la casa discografica (la Rhino) avrò più tempo a disposizione per promuovere il cofanetto.

Nella stessa occasione Robin informa che lui e Barry si sono occupati del musical a loro dedicato, che dovrebbe esordire negli USA all'inizio del 2011.

Barry e Robin, componenti della "Rock n'roll hall of fame", introdurrano gli ABBA nella prestigiosa associazione, nel corso della cerimonia annuale, che si svolgerà a New York il 15 marzo.

In quella occasione, secondo Robin, potrebbero essere annunciati aggiornamenti sulle attività correlate ai Bee Gees, anche se, continua Robin, "allo stato attuale, sebbene io e Barry discutiamo di fare qualcosa insieme in futuro, niente è ancora programmato per tutto il 2010".

(Fonte: )

"Mythology" postponed to november

The release of the box "Mythology" (4 CDs, each dedicated to four brothers Gibb) has been postponed to 15 November 2010.
As Robin Gibb stated in the newsletter from, the cause of such postponement is due to the fact that, the record label  (Rhino) will have more time to promote the box set.
On the same occasion he informs that he and Barry have spent time working with the production team of the musical dedicated to them, which should debut in the U.S. in early 2011.
Barry and Robin, members of the "Rock n 'roll hall of fame", will induct ABBA in the prestigious Association during the annual ceremony, to be held in New York on 15 March.

On that occasion, according to Robin, may be announced updates on activities related to the Bee Gees, though, continued Robin, "at present, though Barry and I are discussing doing something together in the future, nothing is yet planned for 2010" .

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event_1594 Robin Gibb torna alle sue attività personali, dopo alcuni mesi dedicati ai Bee Gees (le apparizioni televisive e le interviste promozionali per promuovere "Ultimate Bee Gees, e il lavoro di pre-produzione del musical dedicato alla storia ed alla vita dei fratelli Gibb).

Robin ha annunciato (tramite che riprenderà le sue attività con le associazioni di beneficienza di cui fa parte e che in Agosto farà alcuni concerti dal vivo.

I concerti annunciati alla data odierna (attualmente programmati solo in Germania) sono tre, ma in realtà Robin ne ha confermato un quarto, che verrà annunciato nei prossimi giorni.

Le date confermate sono le seguenti:

7 agosto 2010  : Mainz (concerto gratuito nel corso di un festival) - Clicca per dettagli (N.B.: la pagina sarà aggiornata a breve) -  27 agosto 2010: Lipsia (Leipzig), Parkbühne  - 28 agosto 2010: Dresda (Dresden), Filmnächte am Elbufer. 
(I biglietti in per Lipsia e Dresda sono in vendita online: oppure )


Robin returns to perform live

Robin Gibb returns to his personal activities, after several months dedicated to the Bee Gees (the promotional television and radio appearances  and interviews to promote "Ultimate Bee Gees, and the work of pre-production of the musical featuring the history and life of the brothers Gibb).
Robin has announced (via that he will resume its activities with the charities to which it belongs and that in August he and his will make some live concerts.
The shows announced at today's date (currently scheduled in Germany alone) are three, but in reality, Robin has already confirmed a fourth, which will be announced in coming days.
The confirmed dates are as follows:
August 7, 2010: Mainz (free concert during a festival) - Click for details (NB: the page will be updated soon)
August 27, 2010: Leipzig (Leipzig), Parkbühne - August 28, 2010: Dresden (Dresden), Filmnächte am Elbufer
(Tickets to Leipzig and Dresden are for sale online: or


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Barry Gibb & Robin Gibb, New York, 15 marzo 2010

Barry Gibb e Robin Gibb hanno introdotto gli ABBA nella prestigiosa "Rock n'roll hall of fame", associazione che celebra gli artisti più importanti della scena rock. I Bee Gees fanno parte della "Rock n'roll hall of fame"dal 1997.

La cerimonia di introduzione si è svolta ieri 15 marzo a New York, al Waldorf Astoria Hotel.

Barry e Robin hanno consegnato il premio a Frida Prinsessan Reuss e Benny Andersson degli Abba. Erano assenti gli altri due componenti originari degli Abba, Björn Ulvaeus, e Agnetha Fältskog.

Barry e Robin saranno ospiti oggi 16 marzo del popolare programma televisivo "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon", in onda sulla NBC. Jimmy Fallon e Justin Timberlake hanno impersonato varie volte Barry e Robin nel corso di fortunatissimi e gettonatissimi sketch comici sui fratelli Gibb ("Barry Gibb talk show").
Nel corso della loro permanenza a New York, oltre all'apparizione televisiva ed alla relativa intervista al "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon", Barry e Robin probabilmente concederanno altre interviste. Eventuali aggiornamenti saranno pubblicati appena disponibili
Barry e Robin hanno preso parte alla conferenza stampa che ha preceduto l'evento ed alla successiva cena di gala. Nella foto, l'attrice Meryl Streep (protagonista del successo cinematografico "Mamma mia!", che prende il nome da una delle più famose canzoni degli Abba ) insieme a Barry Gibb nel corso della cena di gala.
Il resoconto della presentazione del premio agli Abba alla cerimonia di introduzione nella Rock n'roll hall of fame (New York, 15 marzo 2010) (da ed il comunicato stampa della partecipazione dei fratelli Gibb al "Late night with Jimmy Fallon" (Fonte: "Radio Business Report")

The speech for ABBA, by Barry Gibb and Robin Gibb, at the Rock n'roll hall of fame 2010 induction ceremony, New York, 15 march 2010 (from

Where does history begin....
In April 1974, my wife Linda and I were watching the EUROVISION SONG CONTEST in
London, when for the first time we witnessed a young group called ABBA singing their song for Sweden.
The song was called "Waterloo", and with this new powerful sound ABBA not only won the
EUROVISION SONG CONTEST that night, but claimed the hearts of millions of people all over the world including Linda and I. ROBIN GIBB
The ABBA phenomenon marched on as AGNETHA, ANNI FRIO, BJORN, and BENNY
carved out their own territory in the incredible landscape of popular music.
Cream always rises to the top and great music is forever and not just the product of the time it was written. ABBA's music, harmonies, and melodies are in one word-timeless and they
are as perennial as the grass... we smoke. There work reaches out to future generations
yet to be born and are music's jewel in the crown. With music like: "SOS", "MAMMA MIA", FERNANDO", "TAKE A CHANCE ON ME", "WINNER TAKES IT ALL", "I HAVE A DREAM", "KNOWING ME KNOWING YOU", "NAME OF THE GAME" and of course the NO.1 song in the U.S. and everywhere else, "DANCING QUEEN."

ABBA had now become a real force to be reckoned with. Their creative vision and
collaboration as a group between 1972 and 1982 has inspired many other young artists to
have the same dream.
To make records like ABBA. To write songs which BENNY and BJORN have shown us can include pathos, romanticism, social commentary, and sensuality. Their curiosity for
the new technologies in recording were obviously present and represented by their multi
tracking adventures both vocally and instrumentally. By 1982, ABBA the group
AGNETHA, ANNI FRID, BJORN and BENNY ended their incredible journey, their individual lives had taken their own twists and turns.

But for us, and fans all over the world, ABBA has remained a vital part of our lives.
Their music will live forever. It permeates all around us in so many places.
always serve to remind us of the wonderful music they made. And in fact 200 years from
now, they'll still be singing ABBA songs hopefully along with ours.

BENNY and BJORN went on to work with SIR TIM RICE on the musical "CHESS" highlighting the relevance of their songs in musicals. In1999
their music was adapted for London and Broadway, and has become incredibly
successful in its own right. "MAMMA MIA" the musical.
Then, of course came "MAMMA MIA" the movie... with the incredible performance by
Meryl Streep who's with us tonight to celebrate ABBA.
This just shows you that the music stays with us. It connects us through all kinds of change,
some small and some great. We even have a Swedish branch of the family now and we're
really proud of that.

31 years ago, we sang with ABBA at the United Nations for a "GIFT OF SONG" in support of UNICEF. We came together to help the children of the world. It was an inspiring night and it's good to be together again.

So you see, tonight was meant to be. It is a very magical night!!!
There is something in the air tonight!!! To the "DANCING QUEEN" long may she reign.
It is our greatest personal honor and privilege to be chosen to induct ABBA into the ROCK AND ROLL HALL OF FAME and on behalf of all of us, "THANK YOU FOR THE MUSIC."
Bee Gees on "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon", 16 march 2010 (Press release) (from "Radio Business Report" )

On Tuesday, March 16th, "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon" is proud to welcome Barry and Robin Gibb from the most successful trio in pop history, the Bee Gees.

Last year marked the 50th anniversary of the Bee Gees' musical beginnings. Since then, the trio has been inducted into both the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Songwriters Hall of Fame, won both the Lifetime Achievement (2000) and Legend Awards (2003) from the Recording Academy, seven Grammy Awards, BMI Icon Award, and a Lifetime Achievement Award at the 1997 BRIT Awards. Ultimate Bee Gees: The 50th Anniversary Collection was released last fall and Mythology , a 4-CD set curated and produced by Barry and Robin and featuring an individual disc for all four Gibb brothers, will be released on November 16th.

Tuesday will mark the brothers' first appearance on “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.”

 Barry & Robin in NY: Rock n' Roll and TV

Barry Gibb and Robin Gibb have introduced ABBA in the prestigious "Rock n 'roll hall of fame", an association that celebrates the most important artists of the rock scene. The Bee Gees are part of the "Rock n 'roll hall of fame since 1997.
The ceremony of introduction took place yesterday in New York March 15, at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel.
Barry and Robin have presented the award to  Frida Reuss Prinsessan and Benny Andersson of Abba. 
The other two original members of ABBA, Björn Ulvaeus, and Agnetha Fältskog were missing.
Barry and Robin will be the guests today March 16 of the popular television program "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon", that will be aired on NBC.
Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake have played several times the role of Barry and Robin in many sketches about the brothers Gibb ("Barry Gibb talk show").
During their stay in New York, in addition to the appearance on television and the interview with "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, Barry and Robin probably will make further interviews.
Any updates will be published as soon as available
Barry and Robin attended the press conference that preceded the event and the subsequent dinner gala.
In the photo, the actress Meryl Streep (star of the blockbuster "Mamma Mia!", Which takes its name from one of the most popular songs of Abba) along with Barry Gibb at the gala dinner.


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L'Heineken Music Hall ad Amsterdam Robin Gibb si esibirà per la prima volta come artista solista in Olanda, ad Amsterdam, Heineken Music Hall, (Live Nation), il prossimo 31 agosto 2010.

L’annuncio è stato dato da Robin nel suo sito ufficiale. La prevendita (riservata per qualche giorno soltanto agli iscritti alla mailing list del sito ufficiale) è iniziata oggi.

Robin in Holland (Amsterdam)

Robin Gibb will perform for the first time as a solo artist in the Netherlands, in Amsterdam, Heineken Music Hall (Live Nation), on 31 August 2010.
The announcement was made by Robin in his official website. The pre-sale (reserved for a few days only to members of the list of the official website) started today.

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Barry e Robin Gibb sono stati tra gli ospiti della finale della nona stagione di "American Idol", il popolarissimo show statunitense trasmesso dalla FOX. American Idol è il primo e più importante (a livello mondiale) dei cosidetti "talent show", popolarissimi anche in Italia (vedi "X-factor" e simili).
La finale, alla quale hanno preso parte come ospiti, tra gli altri, Joe Cocker, Janet Jackson, Daryl Hall & John Oates e Christina Aguilera, si è svolta ieri 26 maggio a Los Angeles.

I Gibb hanno cantato "How deep is your love", insieme a due dei concorrenti in gara, Siobhan Magnus e  Aaron Kelly.
Secondo quanto riportato da numerosi siti di quotidiani e riviste statunitensi l'accoglienza riservata ai Bee Gees dal pubblico in sala è stata calorosissima.

Nel sito ufficiale di Robin Gibb viene citata la probabilità che  Barry e Robin in questi giorni concedano alcune interviste ai media americani.


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Dal sito ufficiale di Robin Gibb giunge la conferma delle numerose voci che in questi giorni numerosi siti musicali avevano riportato, in merito ad alcuni concerti di Robin programmati in Nuova Zelanda nei prossimi mesi di ottobre e novembre.

Le Pointer Sisters, famose per avere avuto una serie di singoli di successo negli anni 80 (ricordiamo "Fire", He's So Shy", "Slow Hand" e  "I'm So Excited" ), saranno presenti come "opening act" per Robin Gibb (cioè si esibiranno prima di Robin. 

Sembra inoltre imminente anche l'aggiunta di alcune date in Australia.

Ecco le date:

Auckland (Nuova Zelanda), Vector Arena
Wellington (Nuova Zelanda), TSB Bank Arena

Christchurch (Nuova Zelanda) Westpac Arena




Robin Gibb - Tour in New Zealand

From the official site of Robin Gibb comes confirmation of the many voices in these days many musicsites have reported, about some concerts scheduled in New Zealand by Robin in the coming months of October and November.

The Pointer Sisters, very known in the 80's with many hit singles (among the others we remember "Fire", He's So Shy", "Slow Hand" and  "I'm So Excited" ), will be the opening act in the Robin NZ shows.

It seems also imminent even the announcement of some additional dates by Robin in Australia.

Auckland (Nuova Zelanda), Vector Arena
Wellington (Nuova Zelanda), TSB Bank Arena

Christchurch (Nuova Zelanda) Westpac Arena


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